Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Nail Glitter Loves... 2 True Glitterati

I will have mentioned these in a recent haul, I bought them as I was in desperate need of some nail glitter and these were cheap.

I got:
  • Shade 2 (the pink)
  • Shade 3 (the blue)
They are both great for different things, the pink creates a luxurious looking top coat where as the blue works perfectly well as a stand alone nail polish. They dry really quickly and there is no glitter loss throughout the day.

For £1.99 you can afford the whole collection.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Famous Makeup... Full Review

So this week I've been making a point of using my famous makeup so that I have can give a review and I have to admit I hate it! I spoke about how amazing I thought the lipstick looked and what an amazing idea I thought the little lip balm and mirror were at the top. It is hard to get to lip balm because of the way it's contained and the lipstick feels more like a balm - but not in a good way. I decided to us Lip Addict Raw for the first time and as you can tell from the pictures just one application seemed to ruin the product.
I could understand if this has been sitting on a window sill in the sun, but it hasn't it's been in a cool dry cupboard.
When I have managed to get to the lip balm it has made a mess and it isn't very moisturising it just feels and smells cheap, I am so glad I got this stuff for free. It 's normally £4.99 on the website! Go to E.L.F or MUA instead you ill get far better quality products for less.

The 'mirror' is also like a tape on sticker, not mirror like at all. I wouldn't mind all of this is I really liked the colour or if it was particularly long lasting but due to the texture I can't even add lipcote. Don't go near these lipsticks.

I really wanted to like them as it is a new brand, and you might like them, but they are not for me.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My First Time With Nail Pens..Excuse The Mess!

Here are todays' nails I am created them with Nina Polish in Punk Pink and a black Technic Nail art pen. I do not have a very steady hand and I really need to purchase a nail polish corrector pen. But what do you think?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Barry M Nail Paint Collection..

This collection has sprung up from nowhere over the last couple of weeks as my boyfriend bought me the six effects and one of the crocs for Christmas I added to it though! It is over anniversary just after Valentine's day and we will have a small budget for each other so I might ask for a couple more. Here's what I have so far:
  • 251 - This is the metallic one
  • 312 Indigo
  • 279 Bright Pink
  • 342 Nude
  • 315 Nail Effects
  • 321 Nail Effects
  • 316  Nail Effects
  • 314 Nail Effects
  • 322 Nail Effects
  • 311 Nail Effects
  • 323 Croc Effects
  • 343 Burgundy Croc
These nails polishes are great but a A WORD OF WARNING  if you don't wear a base coat with these they will stain your nails. But they dry quickly and one coat would be enough, they retail for about £3.99, which is a great deal.

Weightloss Update....

As I promised I am now updating you on my weightloss... and it's good news. 3 1/4 lbs! The target was 3 so I am really happy hopefully this will continue.

Things I have learnt this week:
  • A milkshake does fill me up
  • Eating less rubbish improves my skin far too much 
  • I don't need chocolate or chips I just crave them
  • I don't want to be fat anymore
All of these probably very basic lessons,  but  I have genuinely re learnt them!

Monday, 7 January 2013

MUA Lip Booms.. Review

A lipgloss and a lipstick in one? For £3? Four Possible uses? Yes please I'll purchase four Lipbooms thank you very much. If you are not aware of this product, Alexandra Burke has collaborated with MUA and created this amazing multi -user.

The colours I ordered are:
  • Cheeky
  • Vibe
  • LMK (let me know)
  • It's a Situation
I LOVE them!

My favourite colours are Cheeky and LMK. Cheeky is a very light pink and is great for daytime where as LMK is very much a night lipstick. The lipsticks are MUA usual creamy texture and the lipgloss is so sparkly. They are so handy and such great value. At the moment they have money off deals but quite often there are free products available too. In the picture I'm wearing LMK.

Product Review From MUA's New Pro Base Line

Sorry about the really close up picture but I wanted you guys to see my skin. I didn't use any brushes at all for this look as I wanted to be really see what the product could do.

  • The concealer element offers really good coverage
  • The texture is really creamy but not oily at all. 
  • Only £2.50 as MUA have money off deals at the moment
  • Little Mirror at the top of the palette
  • Really easy to apply and blend
  • The packaging is really classic as always
  • The contouring element isn't quite dark enough (and I have really light skin)
  • I would love to see a brush included
I really liked this trio, although probably not for darker skins. It was so easy to work with and I loved the way it looked. I would definitely recommend this and have a feeling I will use it all. I am also taking a look at the rest of the range as we speak.

My lip is also MUA lip boom in Cheeky. 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fraulein 38 Review

Each year I buy or receive a new eyeshadow palette at Christmas one year brights another year neutrals and 2012 was bright's turn looking at the internet I just couldn't find anything I wanted until I saw this. I got the Fraulein 38 183 Eyeshadow Highlighter Blush palette and I love it. The colour are lovely with so many different colours, even red it says on the back of the box that 10,000 looks can be completed with these products and I believe that to be true. I've swatched six of my favourite colours on a white piece of paper so you get the real effect of these colours.

This palette was really cheap to it only cost me £20 including shipping from Amazon, they also have their own website with a tonne of different palettes and brush sets. You Can find that HERE.

Famous Cosmetics.... First Thoughts

My MUA order came today (yay!) and with it came some free gifts, infact £20 worth of Famous Cosmetics. This Brand has recently been relaunched by Sue Moxley the link is HERE and everything at the moment is half price. I had been itching to try some stuff so was really excited when I realised I could get four items free, the items I received were:

  • Lip Addict in Pillowtalk (a peach)
  • Lip Addict in Raw (a nude)
  • Baked Bronzer in Shade 1 Miami
  • No Shine Face Powder The One And Only
The Lipsticks are so gorgeous and they have a fliplid at the top with a small mirror and lipbalm, this would be so easy to use on the train. The lipstick is a really creamy texture - very similar to MUA actually- and very glossy and pigmented. I am normally a matte person but I could very happily wear these.

The Bronzer packaging is gorgeous and comes with a handy little brush it perhaps isn't pigmented enough for a bronzer but I would happily use it to set my makeup. I hope there are some darker shades to suit other tones.

The Face Powder is actually my shade! The packaging is again gorgeous but this product is a little too powdery is very hard to get on a brush the mirror is huge though.

So really a mixed bag I would definitely purchase more lipsticks though, for free gifts I am very happy!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Haul! (04/01/2013)

So I had a day off and decided to go shopping. A massive makeup haul ensued.There were some long time favourite like the Paris Hilton Nails and some new buys, like the Pro-Base Conceal that only hit the shops today!

 Here a complete list of what I bought:

  • Makeup Academy Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit Porcelain to Beige
  • Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Cool
  • 2True Glossywear Lipstick in 3
  • Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Purple
  • Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch False Nails in Super Girly (wearing)
  • Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch False Nails in Natural Beauty 
  • Royal Cosmetic Connections French Manicure Nails
  • Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener
  • Natural Collection Pink Manicure
  • 2 True Glitterati Nail Polish in 3
  • 2 True Glitterati Nail Polish in 2
  • Technic Nail Art Set
  • Elnett in Very Volume (Supreme Hold)
  • 2 Body Puffs
  • A Cute Box
I will include reviews in the next few days for any new products!


My Favourite Three Handcreams...

As you can tell from pictures I have old hands, but my hands have been this old since I was about ten so there is not likely to be any change there, sadly! What I can do is keep my hands soft and moisturised and as I have such a high dependency I thought I would share with you my top three.

  • Atrixo Intensive Protection Cream
  •  The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Hand Lotion
  • Liberty Hello Kitty Hand Lotion
 I am in love with all three for totally different reasons:

The Atrixo is amazing when my hands are really dried and need a huge moisture injection, but it can take quite a while to dry and full rub in so I use this when I have a bit more time. This has just a clean smell and can be picked up for around £2.50 from any bargain shop. Here is a link for Boots, but you can find it cheaper:

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss smells delicious! It has made me want the rest of the range and I do NOT need another body butter. This is a great moisturiser to use every day and the smell stays for hours too! This retails for £8 so although a bit pricey it is so worth it. Here is a link to The Body Shop Website (it's currently half price!):

The HelloKitty Lotion was bought as a Christmas present for some family members who gave it to me! This is perfect after you've just wash your hands and it smells like sweets the bottle is also beautiful. The provides much lighter moisturisation. I have had a quick search of the internet and I can't find it anywhere I'm afraid maybe it's only available as a Christmas present.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Trying To Control My Elf Urges!

I was always so scared of buying from E.L.F as I always thought 'makeup for £1.50? That must be terrible!'
But I put an order in (of five things) a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them all, some of them are a bit smaller than I realised they would be, but they do make you aware of the weight I just decided not to read it.
On my list are these products:
  • All Over Colour Stick in Spotlight
  • All Over Colour Stick in Persimmon
  • Studio Eyebrow Kit in Light
  • Primer Eyeshadow in Sultry Satin
  • Custom Compact with:
      • Custom Eyes in Ivory
      • Custom Eyes in Golden
      • Custom Face in Shy
      •  Custom Face in Coy
 There are so many other things I want but atleast for now I don't dare spent another second on the site.

What would your shopping list contain?

NYC Nail Polish Review

I have heard fairly good things about NYC makeup so whilst going through my 'nail phrase' I thought I would try some of their nail polishes, so I picked these up in Superdrug I think they were two for £2.50 (normally £1.99) well I guess I got what I paid for.

I Got:
  • 298 Highline Green
  • 294 Lexington Yellow

I tired the green first on just one nail and painted the rest pink with another brand and as I did it infront of the TV with lots of time I was fairly impressed. The problem came when I only had 20 minutes to paint my nails, this would not dry quick enough and as so many coats are required, I just couldn't use it.

The yellow was terrible from the beginning even four coats does not give enough coverage and as it takes even longer to dry,I nearly stained my sofa when half the nail varnish rubbed off on it nearly an hour later!

I would definitely not reccommend these and if I was honest, it's also put me off trying any of their makeup. 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Small Barry M Lip Paint Collection..

First of all I apologise for not knowing the exact names and numbers of these liptsicks, they are all atleast a year old and the numbers have rubbed of the bottom of them due to frequent use.

Pros of these lipsticks:
  • Really easy to mix with other colours
  • Great colour selection
  • Great price normally under £5.00
  • Well pigmented
  • No nasty taste
  • Great long lasting wear with lip cote
  • Not too long lasting without lipcote
  • Packaging gets dirty easily 
  • Can smudge
 I wear these quite often and enjoy using the really light one as a base and then putting a darker colour on top, creating lots of different effects.

Apart from the sheer pink one I have here (to me it's more of a lipgloss as oppose to a matte liptsick)  I would recommend them and quite often there's a 3 for 2 in boots!

Two Similair Products.. Two Totally Different Reviews

I love painting my nails and using all sorts of effects, however, I've never had particularly steady hands so when painting nails I have to be very careful. I'm also terrible for biting my nails, or forgetting to put gloves on whilst washing up and like everyone else I wash my hands probably a dozen times a day.

As I've always had trouble with nail varnish chipping in October 2012 I purchased my first ever top coat, hearing that Sally Hansen was a good brand I thought nothing of spending the £8 thinking it would leave my nails chip free and here is what I found:

The first one I purchased was the Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat and as you can tell from the picture I have used this quite a few times. In layman's terms it was rubbish. I tired it with a single coat, a double coat, using it as a base coat too, I used it under the tips, extra over the tips but my nail varnish would just not stay. If anything it seemed to make it chip quicker. I finally lost my temper with it when after spending half an hour doing my nails and even longer applying this, I went out for lunch came back two hours later and nearly half of it was gone. Maybe it was a faulty batch and the product is normally really good quality but I was so disappointed.

The second one I got as there was nothing else in the supermarket and this is Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat and I love it! I have use it a few times now either as just a top coat or both base and top and it works so well. My nails varnish now lasts a full three days without chipping and considering I was my hair everyday and I'm still not particulalrly careful I am really impressed. This is something I will definitely be re purchasing!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What's In My Makep Bag?

A makeup bag is a recent additon for me and this one came with a much larger back that I use for my creams and lotions, this is the smaller one I carry around with me. I don't have any brushes in there as I tend to just touch up with my fingers, and here's a picture of the contents:
This probably seems such an anticlimax compared with other makeup bags you have seen but here is a complete list:

  • Lipcote
  • Elf Tinted moisturiser in Ivory
  • Elf all in one stick in Pink Lemonade
  • Aloe vera Vaseline
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick
  • Elf Powder in Ivory
  • Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio in 762 Sumptuous Tourmaline
  • Barry M Nail Paint Croc Effects in 343 Burgundy Croc
  • Dream Matte Powder in Rose Nude (I only use this for the mirror)
  • So.. Sinful  EDT
My makeup bag does change on a daily basis dependent on the makeup choices I have made but I thought I'd just show you a snap shot. Also I'm very sorry for the terrible picture quality!

My Favourite Bargain Makeup Product...

Wandering around Superdug a few days ago I was looking for Christmas gift sets fully aware of how shamefully cheap they would be and this set could not be any cheaper and in the most part more shameful, but there is one product I totally love.

It's the bronzer, which is really a shimmer block with lots of different shades but they work so well. I can get double use from all of them either as a highlighter, blush, eyeshadow or their intended use a bronzer.
 The pigment payoff is ok, the shimmer is metallic as oppose to glittery and they are also long lasting (especially as an eyeshadow base). I have never seen this brand in the shops before and I can't even find their products online, looks like I may need to wait until next year to re-purchase.

The packaging is also really good quality and although it may not be mistaken for Dior, it could just as easily be Rimmel.

This whole set was £2.99!!!!

I have yet to try the eyeshadows but when I do, I will review them and let you guys know what I think.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer... Review

I first discovered no 261 Noir in a discount shop in Blackpool as on a short holiday there I realised I had forgotten all my makeup and this was the only shop left open, thank God they had a Rimmel stand.
This has become the only eyeliner I will use, it is so easy to apply, long lasting and the pigment pay off is alwyas great.
I have four colours:
261 Noir
240 Aqua Sparkle
220 Perfect Plum
280 Pink Impact (this one I use as a lipliner)

The Noir as previously mentioned is perfect both for the waterline and upper lash line and is easy to use when trying out different effects, flicks for instance. This one lasts all day.

 The Aqua Sparkle is great to apply but a but creamier than the Noir making it much harder to create effects, however it perfect for the waterline and with some simple day time mascara and eye shadow can make a simple look 'pop'.

The Perfect Plum is beautiful, but it can be quite hard work it seems even creamier than the plum and doesn't seem to stay all day. This would be perfect to wear for a lunch with friends as it could easily last the couple of hours required, but it would never last all day.

Pink Impact goes really well with a pink gloss and I do not find the colour over bearing, although I have never tried this on my eyes I just don't think it would work. Maybe I could create a look around it?

All of the swatches are from eyeliners that have been used a few times.

A Note About Weightloss.. It's Begun!

I had my first Slimfast milkshake this morning and hopefully this is the start of a huge weightloss, I will check in  every week and tell you guys how much I've lost. Just to prove it here's a picture of my first 'meal'.

PS excuse the hideous pint glass

Bath Time with Grumpy Woman

Alongside makeup I also have a huge love for bathing products and one I have recently discovered is Baylis and Harding shower creme in Wild Rose and Raspberry Leaf. I bought this as a slight treat for myself as it being around £4.00 was more than I would usually spend on a shower gel, however it was well worth the investment.

It smells divine, leaves my skin lovely and soft and I still have nearly a 1/4 left after over a month! I cannot wait to repurchase, and may this time try a few different scents.

I also bought the matching bubble bath, which I have to say I wasn't that impressed with I had to use qute a lot of the product to get any bubbles at all, I will be sticking with radox!