Saturday, 12 January 2013

Famous Makeup... Full Review

So this week I've been making a point of using my famous makeup so that I have can give a review and I have to admit I hate it! I spoke about how amazing I thought the lipstick looked and what an amazing idea I thought the little lip balm and mirror were at the top. It is hard to get to lip balm because of the way it's contained and the lipstick feels more like a balm - but not in a good way. I decided to us Lip Addict Raw for the first time and as you can tell from the pictures just one application seemed to ruin the product.
I could understand if this has been sitting on a window sill in the sun, but it hasn't it's been in a cool dry cupboard.
When I have managed to get to the lip balm it has made a mess and it isn't very moisturising it just feels and smells cheap, I am so glad I got this stuff for free. It 's normally £4.99 on the website! Go to E.L.F or MUA instead you ill get far better quality products for less.

The 'mirror' is also like a tape on sticker, not mirror like at all. I wouldn't mind all of this is I really liked the colour or if it was particularly long lasting but due to the texture I can't even add lipcote. Don't go near these lipsticks.

I really wanted to like them as it is a new brand, and you might like them, but they are not for me.

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