Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My Favourite Bargain Makeup Product...

Wandering around Superdug a few days ago I was looking for Christmas gift sets fully aware of how shamefully cheap they would be and this set could not be any cheaper and in the most part more shameful, but there is one product I totally love.

It's the bronzer, which is really a shimmer block with lots of different shades but they work so well. I can get double use from all of them either as a highlighter, blush, eyeshadow or their intended use a bronzer.
 The pigment payoff is ok, the shimmer is metallic as oppose to glittery and they are also long lasting (especially as an eyeshadow base). I have never seen this brand in the shops before and I can't even find their products online, looks like I may need to wait until next year to re-purchase.

The packaging is also really good quality and although it may not be mistaken for Dior, it could just as easily be Rimmel.

This whole set was £2.99!!!!

I have yet to try the eyeshadows but when I do, I will review them and let you guys know what I think.

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