Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Small Barry M Lip Paint Collection..

First of all I apologise for not knowing the exact names and numbers of these liptsicks, they are all atleast a year old and the numbers have rubbed of the bottom of them due to frequent use.

Pros of these lipsticks:
  • Really easy to mix with other colours
  • Great colour selection
  • Great price normally under £5.00
  • Well pigmented
  • No nasty taste
  • Great long lasting wear with lip cote
  • Not too long lasting without lipcote
  • Packaging gets dirty easily 
  • Can smudge
 I wear these quite often and enjoy using the really light one as a base and then putting a darker colour on top, creating lots of different effects.

Apart from the sheer pink one I have here (to me it's more of a lipgloss as oppose to a matte liptsick)  I would recommend them and quite often there's a 3 for 2 in boots!


  1. I've got a bright red Barry M lip paint, think it might be the one in your picture. I love the colour but I just wish it lasted longer :(

  2. After you've put it on dab it with some tissue and then put a layer of lipcote on, when I do this it lasts me from 630am until 7pm. Lipcote is the nectar of the gods!