Friday, 4 January 2013

NYC Nail Polish Review

I have heard fairly good things about NYC makeup so whilst going through my 'nail phrase' I thought I would try some of their nail polishes, so I picked these up in Superdrug I think they were two for £2.50 (normally £1.99) well I guess I got what I paid for.

I Got:
  • 298 Highline Green
  • 294 Lexington Yellow

I tired the green first on just one nail and painted the rest pink with another brand and as I did it infront of the TV with lots of time I was fairly impressed. The problem came when I only had 20 minutes to paint my nails, this would not dry quick enough and as so many coats are required, I just couldn't use it.

The yellow was terrible from the beginning even four coats does not give enough coverage and as it takes even longer to dry,I nearly stained my sofa when half the nail varnish rubbed off on it nearly an hour later!

I would definitely not reccommend these and if I was honest, it's also put me off trying any of their makeup. 

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