Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer... Review

I first discovered no 261 Noir in a discount shop in Blackpool as on a short holiday there I realised I had forgotten all my makeup and this was the only shop left open, thank God they had a Rimmel stand.
This has become the only eyeliner I will use, it is so easy to apply, long lasting and the pigment pay off is alwyas great.
I have four colours:
261 Noir
240 Aqua Sparkle
220 Perfect Plum
280 Pink Impact (this one I use as a lipliner)

The Noir as previously mentioned is perfect both for the waterline and upper lash line and is easy to use when trying out different effects, flicks for instance. This one lasts all day.

 The Aqua Sparkle is great to apply but a but creamier than the Noir making it much harder to create effects, however it perfect for the waterline and with some simple day time mascara and eye shadow can make a simple look 'pop'.

The Perfect Plum is beautiful, but it can be quite hard work it seems even creamier than the plum and doesn't seem to stay all day. This would be perfect to wear for a lunch with friends as it could easily last the couple of hours required, but it would never last all day.

Pink Impact goes really well with a pink gloss and I do not find the colour over bearing, although I have never tried this on my eyes I just don't think it would work. Maybe I could create a look around it?

All of the swatches are from eyeliners that have been used a few times.

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