Friday, 29 November 2013

My Makeup Misses.

We all have those products that we buy and not long afterwards you realise that they are just not right, maybe they are not the right colour or formula or the staying power is a real let down. These products did not work for me but I am very picky when it comes to certain items such as a face powder. I have a very cool undertone meaning that certain face products do not suit.

  1. The Elf Essentials Face Powder - This would probably work for somebody with a warm tone very well but for me it just did not go. I found this to be too orange and it looked and felt cakey on my skin. This did not bond well with any of other face products either.
  2. The Elf Essentials Tinted Moisturiser-  This is much the same as the previous product. I find this to be very orange and cakey. Not only that it provides such little coverage there really is not point in wearing it. The product does smell beautiful though - just like orange jelly. 
  3. The Elf Eyeliner Pen - This has turned into an Elf product misses without me realising! This eyeliner does not go  on black this is more of a grey and the pens tend to split meaning an even application is impossible.This doesn't last very long once it is on either all it takes is a little bit of sweat and this is gone. 
As I said in the introduction you may find that these products work for you just fine - they were simply misses for me.

My Love... m

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Top 5: Elf Products

I only started shopping at elf a year ago but over that time I have built quite an impressive collection. Here are my top five:

  1. The Studio 3in 1 mascara in black - this gives a great clump free finish. This does not only lengthen the lashes but also builds curls and volume without the need for an eye lash curler. This mascara doesn't even flake the way I have found with more expensive drug store products. This is a great black colour and for just £3.75 this is a bargain.
  2. The Elements Eye and Face System- This is the perfect palette builder. These can be quite expensive if you compare it to other elf products as each product is £1.50 each but a four eye shadow palette with a good quality mirror for £7.50? This has to be good. If you have tried elf eyeshadows before you know they can be a little hit and miss but so far I have had no trouble what so ever. The compact is a pearlescent white square and looks much more expensive.
  3. The Blush and Brush essentials - LOVE these I have a number of colours and I can not rave enough. These cost just £1.50, have amazing colour pay off, and come with a brush that doesn't shed. There is even a small mirror underneath where the brush is held making it perfect for one the go. I own dozens of blushes but these are some of my favourites. 
  4. The Exact Lash Studio Mascara - now, granted you could not complete your entire lash set with this, but it is ideal for the corners. I have a a real problem getting the little ones and this does that perfectly. It does flake a tiny bit but it can be easily for given as it solves the problem of dealing with the small lashes. An essential.
  5. Elf Pigment Eyeshadow - I received this recently when they were giving the 'VIP Collection' away for free. This seemed to be a set of fairly random products added to the order. The shade I have is a shimmery white called innocent ivory that is very blendable. I love loose pigments even if they can be a bit messy as I find the colour payoff and sparkle is second to none. I used this as my highlight around my brow bone. There seems to be so much it could last forever.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Where are you MUA Probase Eye Primer?

Since its release I have been buying the MUA Probase Eye Primer. This is light and creamy, prevents creasing and knows how to hold an eye shadow. Just over a month ago my supply began to run out so I popped into my local Superdrug to buy another one... but it wasn't there. So I tried the next Superdrug store it wasn't there either. I tried online both on the Superdrug site and also on MUA's own site. But to no avail.

This product retails for £2.50 and the only place I have been able to find it is on Amazon for £5.50 (plus shipping making it almost three times the price with all included). I have now tried three other primers - which I will review - and various other methods of keeping my eyeshadow looking pristine.

I am looking for primer recommendations if there are any that you particularly love please tell me!