Sunday, 12 October 2014

Nanshy Brush Review

Hi Guys,

I am one of those people who always says things such as: 'I have like three brushes, what can I blend with?'

As a result of this I finally decided to buy the Nanshy brush set for eyes at £29.95 from Amazon. I had seen some really great reviews of their brushes and could not wait to crack them open. I have now been using these for a number of days, I cannot believe how good they are.

Here are the brushes that come with the set:

  1. Angled Definer- this is so small and fine, it's just right for under the eye. This works with both gel liner and eyeshadow perfectly.
  2. Blending Eyeshadow - this is possibly my favourite brush ever! The bristles are so soft and it is fantastic for diffusing the eyeshadow, right up to the crease. 
  3. Large Shader - I have recently been doing my crease work first and then my lid work after. This creates the perfect halo eye, this brush is just right for adding that touch of shimmer or packing other colours. 
  4. Precise Bent Eyeliner - I am yet to use this, as it scares me a little but once I've tried it I'll let you know!
  5. Tapered Crease- I would call this a pencil brush, it is just right for work on the outer V and adds an amazing amount of depth. 
  6. Flat Definer- another triumpth! I love how this creates the perfect smoky line above my upper lashes. 
  7. Eye Crease- Another brush fantastic for blending and adding colour to the crease. 
These seven brushes have improved my makeup no end, and with the beautiful white handles just look amazing. I have now put the face kit on my Christmas Wishlist!

Have you tried any of their brushes? Let me know in the comments below!


Monday, 8 September 2014

Makeup Revolution: The Matte Effect Review

Please Note: Picture take from the Makeup Revolution Website - I do not own it.

Hi Guys,

So I finally did it. I finally tried Makeup Revolution and after playing around with the two items I bought, I cannot believe how impressed I am. I was in Birmingham recently, and happened to spy their stand. One of the things I bought was the Matte Effect Foundation, I thought at £2.00 what did have to lose?

First of all I am a light coverage foundation lover, who normally applies it with my fingers. It is quicker and there is less waste. This has the perfect thin texture that I love and it builds so easily. This promises to last fpr 16 hours. It is fairly standard for products to claim this - this was one actually does stand to the test of time.

I have worn this from 6am - 11pm and it has still be going strong and holding whatever blush I have been using too. Admittedly I do use fix plus everyday, and powder my face but I would do that with any foundation. I have not noticed these results before.

The effect here is more demi matte than true matte, but I don't think that really matters. There are eight shades in the range and cool ivory suits me perfectly.

This is £2.00 and has now become my favourite products, I would recommend you go and buy it. NOW!


Have you tried anything by the brand? Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tag: Boasting About Blushes

Hi Guys,

Somehow I have managed to find yet another tag. This one is all about blushes and I have seen this flying around the internet. Blush is something that I am currently falling for (along with concealers and face powders) so this Tag was fab. As always I will split this into two to keep it short and sweet.

Remember all of my Tag Posts can be found here.

How Many Blushes do you Own?

I don't the exact number but around twenty five and this will soon be going up when I buy a few from MAC and benefit next month.

What is your Favourite Blush Brush?

Mine isn't actually a blush brush it is a foundation brush from Primark. I am so in love with this brush and it was just £1.50.

Cream of Powder Blushes?

At the moment most of my collection is powder and I absolutely adore them, however I did recently purchase a cream to powder finish and I adore it. So this answer may change within the next couple of months.

Peach Vs Pink and you favourite of each?

My favourite Pink Blush is Hervana by Benefit this has some great colours, smells amazing and comes in a gorgeous box. I don't actually own any peach blushes so I guess pink blush wins for the moment.

Drugstore Vs Highend and Favourite of Each?

My favourite blush is Hervana, which is highend but I also have a huge love with drugstore. My favourite drugstore at the moment is the gorgeous rose gold blush in the Sleek Face Form palette. This is just such a pretty sweep of colour.

I tag all of you! Let me know your answers in the comments below.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Kiko Haul (and a little Stila)- Yes the Spending Ban is Over!

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the tweets and comments of support whilst I was completing my two month spending ban! I am happy to report this is now done, and Boots is now back open for business.

I went to Leeds for Plus North (I will write a seperate post about that),and had some time to pop into the Kiko store. I have been drooling over their website for months, but was desperate to experience the amazing service I had heard about.

First of all I would like to say the staff were all delightful - eager to help but not over the top - the store was really well laid out and the testers were clean and well presented.

Here is what I bought:

Glamorous Eye Pencils in 410 and 412 - Both beautiful shades of green. £2.90 each.

Glow Touch Lips and Cheek in Venus Pink - this is a gorgeous pink cream blush and lip gloss. £4.00

Rock Attraction Blush in  03 Cross Pink - a perfectly pigmented powder blush. £4.00

Kiss Balm - in blackberry , their answer to Benefits' tinited balm. £5.90

The only item I paid full price on was the kiss balm, they had some amazing offers in the store and I would advise a visit to anyone.

And now Stila:

Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain - £16.00

All of these products seem to be pretty amazing, but I will update you with reviews in the near future.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Spending Ban - How did I do?

Hi Guys,

First of all a big thank you for all the support through my spending ban, I can now say I have done it! Today I have put everything together, and have figured how many products I used and the monetary worth.

I am glad that I can now finally throw away all of these empties buy a few new shiny things (but not too many) and also see what I have acheieved.

As the ban went on my goals changed according to how I was doing it started at 15 and the goal rose week upon week, until it got ot 60.

My finished number was : 76!!!!!

 This is so much better than I ever could have expect but it does make me realise how much I was hoarding. I am currently on a low buy and will continue to be so for the rest of the year, as my goal is now to finish 100 products total. In all honesty, I know I can do it and I am looking forward to the end result. I have also hit pan on seven additional products making them easy finishers.

Now, for the money. I used up £331 worth of products. This is way more than my £200 goal and makes me realise, just how much I was wasting!

The pictures shared throughout this post are highlights from the last two months.

Have you tried a spending ban? Let me know how you did, in the comments below.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

OOTD's From Scotland

Hi Guys,

So today I thought I would do something a little different: an outfit of the day. To give you a little background, I am a size sixteen and I love girly clothes.

I buy most of my clothes from lower priced shops such as new look, h and m and Primark and this is what you will see here.

Side Note: These are my first pictures of this style so please standby whilst I learn to get my poses right!

Day 1

So this was an outfit fit for wondering around the beach and dawdling through little towns and villages.

Skirt: New Look Last Season £14.99
Kimono: Primark Last Season £12.00
Cami Top: Primark Current £3
Sunglasses: Primark £1.00

Day 2

This picture I am no so keen on! This was for travelling home in and I just wanted to be pretty and comfortable!

Skirt: Primark Current Season £12
Kimono: H and M Current Season £14.99
Cami: Primark £2.00
Tights: Primark 100 Denier £2.50 (they last about 20 washes)
Shoes: Primark £6.00

I really enjoyed writing this post and I would love to do some more. Let me know what you think and we'll go from there. I am by no means a fashion guru but I love clothes and at the moment I am loving building my own personal style.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

H x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Review!

Hi Guys,

Whilst writing this I am coming to the end of my spending ban and I am looking at the products I have been using during this time. One of these products is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. In the last few months I have fallen in love with light coverage foundations this is perfect.

First of all the bottle is slim and easy to store with a pump (always a benefit) and is quite a thin consistency this can also be built up to medium coverage. This states a staying power of sixteen hours and although I would say this is a little imaginative it does well for my ten hour days.

I am the lightest shade, in Vanilla and it matches me perfectly. The range is quite limited, so if you are especially pale or have a deeper skin tone this will not suit you. This is also great for my normal skin, however I do not believe this would do so well for oily skin types.

This blends very easily, is very comfortable on the skin and considering it has lasted me two months of daily use I can say the £8.99 price tag is a winner.

Have your tried this foundation? If so, let me know in the comments below.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Few Days in Scotland!

Hi Guys,

So if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed (my constant tweets for the last few weeks) that I was going to Scotland this bank holiday weekend. Scotland is somewhere I have visited before - Edinburgh and Glasgow - and have wanted to go back for sometime. This time we went to the South West coast and stayed in Ayr.

We are big castle and history fans and knowing there was lots to see and do we were really excited we stayed in the Mercure hotel. I must say the hotel was very tired and could do with an update but the friendliness of the staff and the proximity to the beach (including the sea view) more than made up for it.

The beach is my favourite place to be, but due to how packed the beaches near to us such as Llandudno or Crosby get we don't often bother. Ayr was pretty much empty and there was a huge space to walk around and the sea was lovely and clear. It was also full of Jelly Fish!

On the first day we went to Culzearn Castle, which was absolutely beautiful. It boasts the largest collections of Weapons to have ever seen battle in one room. We also did the Robbie Burns birthplace museum. This has recently been updated and has some great interactive features. We then went to Dundur, this has a ruined castle and the most beautiful bay. We also stopped at a gorgeous little Cafe for a fish finger roll!

For the evening we stopped at the Watefront in Ayr, which was one of the best meals we have ever had. The food was yummy, the drinks fantastic and the service excellent.

The second day we were both very tired so we did a little less. We went to Kilmarnock in the morning, this town boasts some pretty impressive statues, but generally. I would give this a miss. We also went to Dean Castles and Gardens,stopped at a beautiful Abbey on the side of the road and had a delicious afternoon tea at Glenapp Castle.

I can honestly say this was one of the best trips I have ever had - and it has got us planning more!

Have you been to this part of the world? What did you think?


Ps I never remember to take pictures!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Benefit Big Easy in Fair: Review

Hi Guys,

So today I bring you a review on a product I have heard a lot about - The Benefit Big Easy.

This is an oil free, cream to powder finish BB style cream with SPF 35. I was at the benefit stand picking up High Beam when the sales lady approached me and blended some of this into my hand. I loved the way it looked it seemed to perfect my skin (even on my horrible dry hand) so on a whim I decided to use some of the huge number of Boots points I had to buy it.

I have since used this a number of times and each time, I begin to enjoy it more and more. This blends beautifully in the skin and as it is a cream and powder finish I don't need to set it. It lasts all day. A little extra stippled onto the trouble area, covers them perfectly. This really is Bigger than BB!

Fair is the perfect colour for me, and I just can't believe how great it is. I have normal skin and it works really well on me, but beware if you have dry skin it may appears a little cakey.

This sells for £27.50 and I think this is well worth the price tag and I will continue to use this going forward. A definite repurchase.

Have you tried this?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Spending Ban: Six Week Update

Hi Guys,

Admittedly I have been a little quiet on here recently and partly this is due to me being on a spending ban. I have been reading mainly project pan style blogs to keep me inspired and this has kind of made me reject my own.

The Rules:
  1. I can only buy things if I have nothing else to do the job, for instance if I finish all of my foundations I can buy another but not if I still have nine in my collection!
  2. Using solely vouchers or reward points to buy makeup and freebies in magazines (aslong as I am buying the magazine to actually read) is allowed.
  1. To go two months without buying any makeup or health and beauty products. 
  2. Use 20 products across health and beauty. 
I have so far stuck to all of the rules and used up a total of 55 products!

I will do a full post on them all at the end of the two months.  I am not going to lie this has not been easy but I have also quite enjoyed getting through things My makeup collection has reduced as I've been giving loads away too.

I would recommend it!

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts below!


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Blogger Meetups!

Before I start this post there are two meetups I am involved with on the following days:

Chester on the 16th August
Manchester in the beginning of September date TBC 

Both are just casual lunches and maybe a little shopping afterwards there are no sponsors or contributors arranged. 

If you are interested in meeting some new guys and gal either tweet me on @grumpylovebeaut or comment below.  

Hi Guys,

Recently I have decided to up my game when it comes to my social life and I have decided 2014 is the year for meeting new people, spending time with old friends and having fun. This year so far I have done more than I did all of last year and I already have tonnes of other stuff planned.

One of the ways I thought I would meet new people were through blogger meetups. I have to be realistic here I have a combined following (including all soial platforms) of around 800 people so I am in no way a famous or successful blogger. I have also become much more relaxed about blogging meaning that it is not something I am super serious about all the time. So when I see a blogger meetup I see nothing more than going out for a burger and talking about makeup.

I know bloggers that have thousands of followers go one these amazing days with loads of fab freebies and a tonne of different plan contributing but I'm not at that point in my 'blogging journey' yet. I just want to go out and have a laugh with some new guys and girls.

Do I have the wrong idea here? Do we need free stuff and sponsors to have fun?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Palladio Quad Review!

Hi Guys,

Recently I placed an author with Cherry Culture and decided to pick up a few bits from brands I hadn't tried before. One of them was this quad in blue suede. This is a beautiful blue palette that is all shimmer and this palette is herbal. I am not too sure what that means but it cost me just $6.99 so I call that a bargain!

I have since used this a number of times the shadows are not as pigmented as I would like them to be however they are very buildable, blendable and with a primer have fantastic staying power. I love the look this creates, especially when combined with MAC's pink plaid. Something about that pink just looks phenomenal with it.

I am currently on a spending ban so I can not get anymore at the moment but I really want to try some more of their products.

Have you tried anything from them? What did you think?

H x

Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Spending Ban!

Hi Guys,

So recently my makeup collection has got a little crazy, I noticed this morning that I had 11 foundations! This is so crazy I have decided to have a two month spending ban. I did recently begin to say I would only buy something if I had finish something else, but obviously it doesn't change the amount of stuff I have!

I will update you regularly - wish me luck!

Have you done any spending bans?


My Favourite Products From The Body Shop

Hi Guys,

If you read this blog on a regular basis you will no doubt know how much I love The Body Shop. I love their perfumes, soaps, body butters and their makeup. This love has turned into quite a long term relationship and now I have far too many products. So please sit back and enjoy my top three.

Madagascan Vanilla Flower Eau De Toilette

I have now had this for a number of months and wear it everyday. The scent is sweet,yet classy and it lasts all day. The bottle is really pretty and is glass is of great quality. I must admit I was a little upset when they seemed to discontinue the Vanilla Bliss line, but I think this one had more than made up for it.

This costs £15, which is a lot cheaper than other perfumes on the market.

Chocomania Shower Cream

I absolutely adore this range. Normally chocolate smells a little immature, however this smell is rich as oppose to sickly and I can not get enough of this. This is not also a fantastic cleanser, it also really moisturises the skin. There is also a matching soap and an EDT both of which are fantastic.

This sells for £4 for 250ml but there are always deals on.

Honeymania Bath Melt

This is part of another range that I really love, when they say honey they mean honey. This is the consistency of honey too (so do not eat it). This bubbles fantastically in the bath and has a great moisturising properties. I have had so many uses from this and it was the best surprise present my boyfriend ever bought.

This sells at £8 for 300ml.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

H x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Eco Tools Concealer Brush Review

Hi Guys,

Today I will be reviewing one of my favourite purchases ever - the Eco Tools Concealer Brush. I recently got the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual with some birthday vouchers I had and after reading it I realised it was time to stop blending with my fingers.

This story also includes the Boots 3 for 2 and technically I got it for free. This brush is not only beautiful with a light wooden handle and dark brown hair it is also so soft. This brush is quite tightly packed and is fantastic for blending the concealer under the eye. I use this almost like a stipple brush under my eye, however this also great for traditional blending around the nose. It does not lose hairs and it also washes really well.

This brush really compliments my current brush collection and to be honest I like it so much I really want this as an eyeshadow brush - so I am going to buy another one for this reason.

Overall I really love this brush and I think for £5.49 this is definitely worth it. I already have plans to buy more.

Have you tried any of the Eco Tools brushes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Monday, 26 May 2014

A Note on Blogging....

Hi Guys,

I know I have been around for a few weeks, just work and personal commitments have meant I have not had time to post. I love blogging but sometimes I think I put far too much pressure on myself. I really don't need to post twice a day as I have been doing in the past and I think that's what puts me off.

So I am going to start again.

This time I am going to post when I want to and see what comes of it.

I'll be back soon!

H x

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What I Would Tell My 13 Year Old Self..

Hi Guys,

I thought this would be a fun one so enjoy.

Boys are not everything!

Spend time making friends, not flirting with boys. In the end he will turn out to be gay, he will cheat on you and he will full in love with someone else. Spend time making more female friends who will stay with you for life.

You are Beautiful. 

It doesn't matter that the school heart throb doesn't fancy you (see my whole life was about boys!) he will peak at highschool anyway. And there is nothing wrong with glasses in three years you will buy your first pair of contact lenses and your life will be complete.

Don't Gossip or Bitch - It is mean and you will get a reputation

Learn to keep secrets and allow people to trust you. People will open to you more, and you learn more by listening than by talking.

If you are wrong Admit It!

Sometimes you may make a mistake and that is fine - just admit it. Don't stand around and fight about it. All you will waste is time and energy and in the end you will be respected more if you can admit your mistakes.  

Everything will work out

Forget your home situation this will change and you be happy. Happier than you could every imagine. You will make so many mistakes in love and life but in the end it won't matter.

Billie-Joe Remains Hot

And just so you know there is really is something to look forward Billie-Joe is still hot ten years later!

What would you tell your younger self? Let me know in the comments below.

H x

40 Beauty Questions Tag: Week Three

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my third post on the 40 Beauty Questions Tag. I have really loved this tag so far and I am so excited to be continuing with it. Remember as always other tag posts can be found here.

So let's get into it.

Do you have a budget or do you spend freely on makeup?

I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful boyfriend who earns enough to take care of the great majority of the of the bills. This means I don't have a strict budget - I know my limits and would never get into debt - I can spend quite freely.

Do you utilise coupons, rewards cards and sales when you shop for cosmetics?

Yes! I have a Boots rewards card and recently saved enough to buy a number of benefit products and still have a few points left. This is a great scheme and they also send loads of points builders in the post too.

What type of products do you buy most of?

Definitely eye shadows. I really love finding great shadows both matte and shimmer oh and powder and cream. I will try any brand, and have both high end and bargain shadows that I would consider holy grail.

Is there a brand you absolutely can't stand?

I don't think this question is very nice. I will criticise a product if I feel it requires it but to slam a whole brand is not pleasant. There are of course brands that I avoid but I would rather the fact that I never mention them speak for itself. There is no need to upset anyone or tarnish a brands image. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?

Yes and that is Boots. This is due to the mix of beauty hall and drug store, the friendly staff and the great reward scheme. They also have a fantastic website, and you can pick the products up in store.

I hope you found my answers useful and I tag everyone. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

H x

Monday, 5 May 2014

My First Chanel Lipstick!

Hi Guys,

As you may gather from the latest in discussing my birthday presents I write my posts in chunks and then divide them so it isn't a bunch of the same thing all together at once. Today I will be talking about a very precious present bought for me by the boyfriends Mum and Dad : a Chanel Lipstick.

My boyfriend's Mum is not majorly into makeup but decided she was going to treat me to an expensive lipstick and made an amazing choice without any guidance!

She bought a Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in shade 42 which is a fantastic pink. The shade is amazing and it also has a luminous matte finish. She knows me so well. There is some 'pearl powder' in this product which is how it gets this glowing matte finish.

I love the simple black and gold packaging and once applied and blotted this lipstick will last a little longer than the morning, and is non transfer the whole way. I may have found my holy grail lipstick ladies and I am already looking at purchasing more!

I have talked in the past about how I did not see the point in high end products but this lipstick has totally changed my mind.

Remeber if High End Makeup posts are what you're after to click here.

Have you tried any of the Chanel products? Let me know in the comments below.

Rimmel Scadaleyes Micro Liner Review

Hi Guys,

As you may have gathered from my many posts discussing them: I adore felt tip liners. I love the true black effect they give, they don't smudge like pencils and they are much easier to apply than dip liners.

I have been using the Rimmel Exaggerate liners for my lower lash line for years and decided it was finally time for me to try one of their liquid offerings. There is not much else I can say about this product apart from the fact it is fantastic! The nib is very small that makes it so easy to be precise and if you use it on it's side instead of using the point you can get a thicker line  - meaning it can be used for all occassions. This product is waterproof (and and it really is) and does not budge all day once dry.

The colour is also a true black, this is nice as a lot of cheaper eyeliners do not come off black (more of a dark gray) and this can be really disappointing. I have been using the Barry M Wink eyeliner for a few months now and was looking to repurchase that but I think I will still with Rimmel now thank you very much.

Just a note: The nib is quite flexible if you are not used to felt tip liners I would advise the Barry M Wink as the nib is much stiffer meaning less chance of it 'running away' on you.

The bottom line on the swatches is when the liner is used on the side and the top is used on the point.

Have you tried this liner, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Review

Hi Guys,

Over the last few months I have slowly fallen further and further in love with Maybelline, their eye shadow quads are excellent (you can find the review here) and I now own a number of the lipsticks and adore most of them. I then decided to waiver from my usual brand choice of Rimmel and try one of theirs. As the Superstay Better Skin had just been released and there was a couple of pounds off I bought it from  my local ASDA and bought the shade Ivory.

I am that shade in every foundation that I try and I have never had an issued with shades being too light or dark. This foundation looked quite dark in the bottle but they often do and I thought it would be ok it was far too dark. This upsets, mainly because it is a great foundation and now I can't use it.

It is quite thick but very easy to blend it covers all discoloration and really did improve my skin leaving it more 'glowy' after just a few days. At the moment I  am trying to wear it very sparingly and hoping I will get some sort of tan this summer so I can start wearing it.

If you have pale skin beware of the colour range, but this does do what it says, it creates better skin. So more colours please Maybelline!

Looking at the swatch picture the top swatch is the Maybelline better skin in Ivory and the other swatches are from a number of Rimmel Foundations under the same name.

Have you tried this product, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.


PS Love... Primark Face Brushes Review

Hi Guys,

I have reviewed a couple of the pieces from the Primark Makeup Range already and you can find my mascara review here. When I bought the mascara I also purchased a foundation brush - to use as a blush brush - after I had been really disappointed by an ELF Brush - and Primark nailed it!

After that  I went to buy a Kabuki brush here are my feelings on the two.

The Foundation Brush

This is a flat top brush with a black plastic handle and I would actually class this as a stippling brush. I like to use it for my blush. This is so soft and I enjoy it most with cream to powder products, it blend really well and after around 20 uses it has not lost a single hair. In the past I have found the metal part of other brushes coming away from the wood nothing like that has happened here. I also love the black and pink bristles!

This brush is actually perfect for my blush: 10/10

The Kabuki Brush

This is my first Kabuki and at just £3.50 I was so excited to try it. The handle is mirrored metal and it sits on a small plastic base. Like the other brush this looks so much more expensive than it is and I have experienced zero fall out. This brush is so soft and applies my powder perfectly. I really couldn't ask for much more. The black and pink also looks fantastic sat on top of my vanity.

This brush is again fantastic : 10/10

These brushes are better than some I have that are nearly ten times the price and I have heard some fantastic things about their eye brushes. This is a brand to really look out for.

Have you tried these brushes? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Inglot Palette!

Hi Guys,

So a couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and it is safe to say that I was totally spoilt. I was going to do a birthday haul, but I feel like I haul all the time and most of the products I could talk about separately.

For  a long time I have wanted an Inglot ten pan shadow palette. I have seen them in so many blogs  and Youtube videos and they look so amazing, my lovely boyfriend treated me to the one. These palettes cost £55 for ten shadows and the palette, which compared to MAC is a huge saving. They also have face and lips products that can be added to the pans.

I cannot get the shadows out of the pan without damaging them (maybe this is a down point) and all of the colours are on the back of the pans so I am afraid I can't give you the numbers. Here are some pictures of them.

This is one of a few high end products that I own and I have decided to add a new page to the blog so if you are after highend product reviews you can go  here.

Have you tried any Inglot Products? Let me know in the comments below.

As always thanks for reading!


Products I've Used Up: Bath and Hair

Hi Guys,

So today it is time for some trash talk! I have saved my last few empties for you so you can see what I finished in April. I don't know how often I will be writing these posts but I'm sure I will store some more up pretty soon.

Herbal Essences Be Strong Intensive Hair Strengthening Mask

I LOVE THIS! I love how it smells, I love the job it does, I love the packaging this product is just fantastic. For years a shied away from their products because I thought they would clog my hair or that they smelt like old women etc etc I was obviously wrong. I have seen a real drop in split ends and my hair is definitely stronger.  I also use the shampoo and conditioner and they may feature in a future post!

Nivea Antiperspirant Invisible for Black and White

I am a bit of sweaty person. I know this is TMI but it is the truth for a long time I wore the Mitchum 48hour stuff just to keep me dry but I then remembered the amazing smell of the Nivea Pearl and really wanted to go back to that (I used it when I was about 17) but unfortunately that just did not offer the protection I needed, so I tried this. I am now five or six bottles in and I am still loving this and I know I will continue to buy it.

Imperial Leather Skin Care Hydrate Body Wash

I tend to buy shower gel whenever it is on offer,meaning I always have a tonne of it in the cupboard and this was something that was going for £1 in Boots. It's ok. The formula is fairly moisturising, it lathers easily and you get a full 500ml. This just was nothing special though so I don't think I will be repurchasing.

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream

I have a number of products in the Chocomania scent, including perfumes, soaps and lotions and this shower gel is  the perfect companion. It smells heavenly creates an amazing lather and the smells hangs around all day. This cost £4 I think so it isn't keep but is definitely worth it. I already have another.

PS it may smell like chocolate, but believe me it tastes nothing like it. Don't taste it to see. Like I did.

Elnett Satin Extra Strength Hairspray

This is a horrendous admission and I do not suggest that you try this at home but I use it to set my makeup. I only have a little bottle here as it is for 'nights out'. Incidentally it does also do a great job on the hair. I already have another huge bottle and will be repurchasing a small one.

So that's it! Sorry it was not more exciting but I am coming to the end of a number of makeup products, so stay tuned!

Friday, 2 May 2014

30 Days 30 Lips Day Seven Feat Chanel

Hi Guys,

Today I bring you a really fun 30 days 30 Lips and this is featuring Chanel. You will see a full review for this lipstick coming soon, and it is the Rouge Allure 42 in the luminous matte finish. This lipstick is a 'my lips but slightly pinker' and I could not love it more. I was bought this as a present and since receiving it I am have trouble leaving it alone!

I never thought I could enjoy a high end product so much but I feel this lipstick shows a really difference and I think I will buying more high end products in the future.

Now as always with these posts you can find all of the other 30 Days 30 Lips here and remember to enjoy my posing!

Fighting Friday: Laura Paige Automatic Liners Vs Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer

Hi Guys,

Welcome to another Fighting Friday and today we are putting a Laura Paige Liner in Dark Brown against the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Black. I have been using the Rimmel product for a while and only got the LP one recently so let's see what happens.

Colour Intensity/Texture

If you know anything about me you will know I like my colour intense. I want all products - but particularly with my eyeliner. I used these products in my lower lash line and they both are great products. The Laura Paige is a little drier than the Rimmel but it still draws a line very easily. They both smudge perfectly too neither disappears.

Round 1 Goes To: Draw


They both come in a very similar plastic container and they twist up from the top. There is one point where the Laura Paige liner falls down - there is no smudger. This is such a little thing but I don't own a smudge brush (maybe this is something I need to invest in) so I will need to get the Rimmel out anyway to smudge it.

Round Two Goes To: Rimmel


Rimmel are sold everywhere. You will find one of their stands in a huge number of chemists and supermarkets and tonnes of places online. Laura Paige products are sold in large Co-operative Pharmacies and one online seller. This is not very convenient.

Round Three Goes To: Rimmel


The Laura Paige Liner is a steal at just £1.99, where as the Rimmel is a little dearer at £3.29. Both great prices.

Round Four Goes To: Laura Paige


They both are great liners just a shame the Laura Paige is so hard to get and doesn't include a smudger. If these little ticks were sorted out it would have a landslide win for the liner.

The Winner is: Rimmel

The top swatch show Laura Paige, the bottom Rimmel.

Have you tried these liners? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for reading.