Monday, 31 March 2014

Products to Repurchase

Hi Guys,

We all have products that we really enjoy that we can not wait to repurchase here are just a few of mine:

  • Barry M Wink Eyeliner - this is one of the easiest eyeliners I have ever used it looks very much like a big black marker and even though the nib is thick it is very easy to draw a thin line and create a flick. This lasts all day for me and stays ultra black. I have used this almost constantly for three months and the nib is now starting to warp a bit but for £4.59 this is still a great deal and I will be buying this again in the next couple of weeks. 
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - Reading my blog you will soon discover what a love I really have for this brand and this Foundation is part of that. My skin tone is naturally very cool and this is a warm foundation it does really well at switching it up for me and I am just finishing bottle number three. This has quite a thin consistency and can easily be built. 
  • Natural Collection Face Powder in Cool - This costs just £1.99 and I have been buying it since I was 14 I have lost count of how many pans of this I have bought. This is such a good product that has just got better and better over the years. A little bit of this goes a long way and it keeps me looking matte all day. I have been swayed by other powder over the years but none of them have compared in quality or price. 
  • Elf Mineral Eye Lid Primer - I always buy these in threes as they can only be bought online. I go through tubes like you wouldn't believe and this is a great product for making eye shadow last longer and go stronger. The colours just look beautiful on top of this. This again is another deal at just £3.75. 
  • Maybelline Baby Skin Primer - This is a lovely primer that is beautifully thick that smoothes the skin and makes the foundation sit much easier and last much better. This does not clog up the skin like I have found with other primers and it really does work.

What products do you find yourself repurchasing? Comment below.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review: Sleek Storm Palette

Hey Guys,

I was bought this palette for Christmas and it was my first foray into Sleek eyeshadows. I had heard a number of things about them good or bad and I was really excited to try this.

This palette contains 12 shadows in total with 9 shimmers and 3 mattes and I have to say the shimmers are amazing. They are very highly pigmented, easy to blend and do not fall out at all. The combination here means a number of different looks can be created and I adore that beautiful green on the bottom row.

There is one place where this palettes falls down: The Mattes. These are a little chalky and do fall out a tiny bit, I certainly feel there are better high street Mattes out there. They blend fairly well but I just can not forgive the chalkiness.

There is a large mirror in the palette that makes it perfect for touching up and great for travelling - I have already used it for one night away.

These can be bought from Boots and Superdrug and they only cost £7.99, which I feel is a massive bargain. If you just leave the mattes out you still have 9 great shimmer shades and I would gladly buy another Sleek Palette.

ASOS Want List: Dresses

Hey Guys!

I am currently saving for a car and need to stop spending money but it doesn't stop me looking. There will not be much text here just lovely, lovely dresses.

Something about the colour of this dress just caught my eye. The lovely lace sleeves remain flattering but sexy and this is just low cut enough. This would be a definite night out dress with a pair of heels and a very smoky eye. This is just £25 too.
This would be a great every day dress to be worn with leggings and a long cardigan in the winter and on its own with sandals in the summer. This would cling to every curve too, a style I am really keen on. This is £28 from the site.
Now this is a definite 'arse' dress I certainly have junk in my trunk and this would look just perfect. Due to the relax nature of the style it seems so effortless. I would wear this dress with bright heels and a good stick on bra! This is currently at £38.
This is just the perfect dress for relaxing in. The grey makes it instantly casual, the zip and cold shoulder detail gives it almost a sports luxe feel This would be perfect for picnics in the park on a lovely summers afternoon.This goes for £30.
This is the most expensive of the lot of £149, however I feel that this dress looks amazing. This is by Ted Baker and the colour is fantastic and I feel the collar gives the dress a great vibe. This can be worn even for work, dressed casually or taken on a night out. A great all rounder!

What's on your list?

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Elf Water Proof Eyeliner Pen in Teal

Hi Guys,

I have bought some Eyeliners from Elf before and have generally not been too impressed, when I saw this new item (or new to me) I decided to try this in the lovely teal colour.

The first thing to mention is that this is very much a navy blue if you are looking for a really bright colour here you will not find it. I prefer this though - it makes it much more wearable and even work appropriate! The nib is nice and thin and it is very easy to create a great thin easy line and a really good flick.

This dried really quickly and once this was on it would not budge, I applied this at around noon and it was still on the next morning (I had come in late and didn't take my makeup off) this is definitely one that lasts! It took some work to get this off and I would advise a eye makeup remover.

Now for the bad - this eyeliner bleeds a little onto the lower lash line whilst being apply. This could be a real problem if you want to do a really neat natural look - however I love dramatic eyes any time of day or night so I love it. Also this comes off easy just makes sure you do your eyes before your face!

Have your tried this liner? If so what did you think?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

US brands I really want to Try

Hi Guys,

I watch a lot of Youtube Videos and they make me so jealous because of all of the brands they have available to them that I don't. Here are some that I really want to see in this country ( and my makeup collection).

  • Wet n Wild - Everytime I see the Color Icon palettes and just think wow! They are so cheap, look super pigmented and have a great choice of colours and they would just look so nice in my makeup bag. The lipsticks also really interested me and I just cannot believe the prices. 
  • Physicians Formula - This is really for the sake of the blushes they are very pretty and even though I can find these on Amazon they cost £30 and when they sell for a third of the price in America I just can't warrant the cost. The Happy Booster is on the top of my list.
  • Milani - I love the look of the baked mineral brushes and some of their super pigmented liquid lipsticks. This brand is really enjoyed by Emily Noel of beauty broadcast and if it's good enough for her it is certainly good enough for me.

Have you tried any of these brands, what are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Eyeko Eyeliners - Huge Disappointment

Hi Guys,

I got my first Eyeko eyeliner just over a year ago when it came free in a magazine. It was the first felt tip style eyeliner that actually worked. It was easy to draw a line and the makeup would last all day. There was just one problems the nib soon came out when I say soon, I mean after just 15 uses. This was fine as the liner was free - when it came to Christmas I asked for some more of these liners almost forgetting the unfortunate incident with the nib and my boyfriend spent £10 for each one I was so excited to use them. But unfortunately the same thing happened again with both of them.
I don't like to moan about or berate products, especially when they are so good but this one design fault makes them quite a waste of money. I have now thrown these away so I cannot show you pictures of mines but I have found some other images.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bourjois: Want List.

Hi Guys,

Until the beginning of this year I had never really tried any Bourjois products before. Watching YouTube videos I began to see just how popular this brand was and decided it best to give the brand a go. I have a small collection of their products, but there is still so much I want to try out. Here is a small shopping list:

  1. The Erasable Eye Liner - This just looks so much fun, I have read somewhere that this rubs out any liquid eye liner. This is also a great bright pink and I can't wait to try it. 
  2. The Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick - I already love the Rough Edition Lipsticks they are super creamy but the one thing they lack is staying power. This seems to make it the perfect lipstick and this may be including in a haul very soon. 
  3. Colour Edition 24h - I have a feeling this will be very similar to the Colour Tattoos and the shade range is amazing there is the most beautiful Olive Green that will bring out my eyes perfectly. 
  4. Blush Little Round Pot - These are seen as a classic and the pigmentation is fantastic, I just have too many blushes at the moment!
  5. The Healthy Mix Serum - This is raved about on all the blogs and I cannot wait to try this out, I have some Boots Points that I need to use so this may be in my collection very soon!

Monday, 24 March 2014

What's in my (rather messy) Makeup Bag?

Hi Guys,

I have to change my makeup bag weekly this is to make sure I am using all my bits and bobs evenly - other wise I would end up throwing so much away. Here is what I am using this week:

  • Maybelline Baby Skin Primer - A lovely thick primer. 
  • Rimmel Match Perfector Concealer/Highlighter in Ivory - Great little liquid perfect for opening the eyes. 
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - I have a very cool skin tone this help warm it up.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Ivory - I love this new formula it's thick and perfect for covering any discolouration. 
  • Max Factor Mega Volume Mascara - I need to use this up it is a little clumpy but I need to use it as it wasn't cheap.
  • Barry M Wink Eyeliner - Good thick pen perfect for the right line day or night (this is a permanent feature in my makeup bag). 
  • Benefit Posie Tint - Great for those 'no makeup, makeup' days. 
  • Soap and Glory It's About Prime Eye Primer - Not a great primer but am trying to use this up. 
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoos in Pink Gold and Pomegranate - Great cream eyeshadows that the whole world is in love with. 
  • Sleek Eye Palette in Storm - A really good selection of colours - sometimes I find the Naked Palette a little boring and this is a refreshing change. 
  • Carmex - I apply this every morning before putting makeup of and every night after I have taken it off, a real classic balm. 
  • Elf Long Lustrous Eye Shadow in Confetti - Fantastic glitter eye shadow product. 
  • Bourjois Poudre De Riz De Java - The old bestseller from the brand I use this to set my makeup. 
  • Sleek Face From in Light - My contour and blush kit!
  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Shade 4 - Essential Nude with a hint of pink. 
  • Real Techniques Eye Kit
  • Urban Decay Naked Eye Brush - I used this for my brows
  • Elf Stipple Brush
What do you have in your makeup bag?

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Soap and Glory: Hocus Pocus

Hi Guys,

I have bought a few Soap and Glory makeup items in the past and in all honesty I have never been too impressed. I have persevered though and keep trying more items in the hope that something will work! Everybody seems to have a really good time with them and I want to feel the same. My latest try out was Hocus Pocus that sells for £11  and this is a 'luminescent' liquid highlighter that can be either mixed into the foundation or placed over the tops of the cheekbones. This is my first liquid highlighter.

I have tried this a number of times now and really like it - for the first couple of hours. I wear it directly over the cheekbones, I find it a little too much when added to the foundation. The fact this needs to be reapplied so much is a little annoying but this isn't too different from the powder highlight I normally use.

The effect is quite subtle and it works best just as it catches the light and it does look very lovely in the early morning son.

I would give this probably a 6/10 - reapply makeup really bothers me, I am going to continue working on my collection until I find something I can give a higher score.

NB this is very hard to show on pictures but please see it swatched and then blended in.

What do you think of Soap and Glory, Hot or Not?