Saturday, 29 March 2014

Elf Water Proof Eyeliner Pen in Teal

Hi Guys,

I have bought some Eyeliners from Elf before and have generally not been too impressed, when I saw this new item (or new to me) I decided to try this in the lovely teal colour.

The first thing to mention is that this is very much a navy blue if you are looking for a really bright colour here you will not find it. I prefer this though - it makes it much more wearable and even work appropriate! The nib is nice and thin and it is very easy to create a great thin easy line and a really good flick.

This dried really quickly and once this was on it would not budge, I applied this at around noon and it was still on the next morning (I had come in late and didn't take my makeup off) this is definitely one that lasts! It took some work to get this off and I would advise a eye makeup remover.

Now for the bad - this eyeliner bleeds a little onto the lower lash line whilst being apply. This could be a real problem if you want to do a really neat natural look - however I love dramatic eyes any time of day or night so I love it. Also this comes off easy just makes sure you do your eyes before your face!

Have your tried this liner? If so what did you think?

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