Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Eyeko Eyeliners - Huge Disappointment

Hi Guys,

I got my first Eyeko eyeliner just over a year ago when it came free in a magazine. It was the first felt tip style eyeliner that actually worked. It was easy to draw a line and the makeup would last all day. There was just one problems the nib soon came out when I say soon, I mean after just 15 uses. This was fine as the liner was free - when it came to Christmas I asked for some more of these liners almost forgetting the unfortunate incident with the nib and my boyfriend spent £10 for each one I was so excited to use them. But unfortunately the same thing happened again with both of them.
I don't like to moan about or berate products, especially when they are so good but this one design fault makes them quite a waste of money. I have now thrown these away so I cannot show you pictures of mines but I have found some other images.

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