Monday, 7 April 2014

Accesorize Cosmetics Eye Shadow Review

Hi Guys,

A couple of days ago I talked about some cheap eye shadow trios I has purchased from Superdrug for just £2.95 here. At the time I promised a review and that is why I am here today. In all honesty I did not expect very much from these products. I explained at the time that the pretty packaging put me off as I couldn't understand how they could afford to put decent products in it. Also the lipsticks put me off as they smelt cheap (I hate to use that word negatively - but they did).

These shadows were a huge surprise. Not only is there an awful lot of product in there the shadows are not chalky, are nice pigmented and with an eye primer last all day.

The trios I got were:

  • Dazzingling Devastating - The name is a little annoying as it relates in no way to the shade, however this is quite simply a grey trio. There is a silver in the middle a dark grey to the left and a blue toned grey to the right. This is a nice and easy palette to used for a well blended uniform  eye. 
  • Blown Away - Again the name has nothing to do with the colours but this is a gorgeous blue trio. There is a true blue in the middle, an azure to the right there is a grey. As with the first trio all of these shadows are shimmer and they are of great quality. They easily blend and the eye created by these shades is absolutely stunning. 
Due to the nature of these trios all three can be blended together to create another shade, but I am really fussy and don't like getting them messed up!

In short I would certainly recommend these shadows and I am quite sad I have bought anything from the line before!

 Have you tried these? If so let me know what you think in the comments below.

H x


  1. I like the accessorise brow kit :) love the packaging and that was really cheap aswel xxx

    1. I NEED to try more of their stuff after my experience here. I just have a feeling it is being discontinued.

  2. I was interested to see your post about Accesorize cosmetics and your thoughts that they were being discontinued. One of my very favourite eyeshadows is their single shadow in shade Moon Dust - I used to buy it in Superdrug but the whole range now seems to have disappeared but nobody seems to have any details about this!!!! I would be interested to find out if you were more successful!?!?
    Trish Downes

    1. This post is so old. I believe that they are now discontinued. Sorry :( xx