Saturday, 26 April 2014

ELF Lip Lock Pencil a Review

Hi Guys,

So I recently bought a few things from ELF and one of these was the Lip Lock Pencil. I used to adore lipcote but recently I have become so fed up of it drying my lips and stinging me I have been looking for another solution. I have heard some good things about the ELF seal and lock products. I decided this would be the next thing to try.

This is meant to stop the lipstick feathering. This is a see through product with the same consistency of a lip balm and needs to be drawn around the lip liner. It can also be drawn onto the lips, before you apply your lipstick and this should make the colour more vibrant and hold it for longer.

I have given this a good try to make sure I have a fair opinion. In one word this product is rubbish. It may stop the lipstick feathering but a normal lip liner could do this. It is more about creating a barrier than having any sort of amazing product to do this. This product does not hold the lipstick longer nor does it make it more vibrant. I understand this is only £3.95 but this is nearly £1.50 more than I would spend on Lipcote and it just doesn't do the job.

I really don't like slamming products but I am afraid this is a definite miss for me.

There is one benefit though - it doesn't need sharpening it's retractable.

Have you tried this what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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