Sunday, 6 April 2014

Elf Mineral Lip Gloss Review

Hi Guys,

I really don't like lipgloss. Infact, I would go as far to say I hate it. I don't like that they make your hair stick to your lips and I don't like how often they have to be reapplied. There are so many reasons for me to dislike that in fact at the age of 22 I have NEVER bought a lip gloss. Yes, I own a number but every single one of these has been some sort of free gift, normally from a magazine.

This lip gloss came through in my ELF Spring Edition Freebie and I was instantly disappointed. I knew I would not be using this but I thought it may be worth reviewing it for the blog. This has meant a couple of uncomfortable days for me, but the things I do for the internet.

So here we go:

  • This gloss goes on very sticky and at first I am uncomfortably aware of this but after 5 minutes it seems to settle. The stickiness goes and I wouldn't even know it was on my lips. 
  • The colour is a very sheer pink and creates a good shade. 
  • This lasts about 2 hours and then it needs topping up but I am fairly impressed with this. 
This has not converted me totally. I will not rush out to buy glosses now, but I think id I was sent another one of these I wouldn't be too upset. I guess I just do not like the look of glosses.

At just £3.95 per gloss, these may be worth a buy.