Friday, 11 April 2014

Elf Zit Eraser Review

Hi Guys,

This turned up in a recent ELF purchase and was one of the free items that I got as part of the 'spring collection' and it came at just the right time. I am not a spotty person and I am quite fortunate with my skin and seem to have very little trouble. My skin can react to low sleep levels though and I had a few pimples at the time turned up.

This is a brush tip products and if you twist the bottom of the tube it comes out of the brush tip and you apply it from there. This dries very quickly on the spot and does not irritate the area.

I woke up the following morning to find that the spots were now 'flat' and did not peek out of my makeup by the end of the day. The colour was also gone as well I could not be happier with it! I used it just a couple of times more and they totally went.

I have never used this type of product before but the next time I even see the start of a spot I will be using this first thing!

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