Saturday, 12 April 2014

Favourite Plus Size Fashion Bloggers: The British Edit

Hi Guys,

I am currently on my own weightloss journey and currently wear a UK size 16 meaning I certainly live on the curvy side of life. I look every where for my fashion inspiration, and although I love straight fashion blogs but I find the body confidence inspired by these plus size blogs fantastic. So here are a few of my favourites:

Danielle Vanier

I love this girl's style! Danielle has the most amazing collection of body con dresses (which is also my style) and lipstick collection that we can all aspire too. If you are unsure of yourself this blog will show you how to be confident, and that everyone can wear print and colour regardless of the size of your waist. Also she has a fantastic figure!

This picture has been taken from The Danielle Vanier Blog. I do not own it.


This blog is a one stop shop for anybody who wants to know about bras and lingerie. Not only does George have a fantastic figure she also stands up for all body shapes and sizes what ever they may be. George knows how to work it and she has been a huge influence on my style since discovering the blog. Not only is my knicker draw better than it has ever been, she makes me feel brilliant.

This picture was taken from Fullerfigurefullerbust. I do not own it.

From The Corners of the Curve

When I stumbled across this blog last summer I just could not believe how pretty Callie is. She also looks fantastic in a bikini. This lady keeps on top of all the trends and has shown me how to wear so many different styles and like the other ladies knows how to boost my confidence. Her makeup is always on point and she has a pretty yummy boyfriend!

This picture was taken From The Corners of the Curve. I do not own it.

What plus size blogs do read? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Love all 3 of these ladies :) x

    1. I'm going to be doing another post on Rest of The World plus size bloggers soon :)

  2. I definately consider myself a plus size. I'm in an 18 & I go to great lengths to try to hide it! Nobody can believe I wear a 2 X shirt! I try to wear all black or dark colors!

    1. there's no need to hide it, wearing colour and pattern is so much fun! I love a good bodycon.