Friday, 25 April 2014

Fighting Friday Barry M Blusher Vs Bourjois Little Round Pot

Hi Guys,

Now you may be reading this thinking wait.. these products are not overly similar why has she put them together? Well the reason is over the last couple of weeks these two have become my everyday blushes and I thought I would let them battle it out to see which one is really my favourite.


Packaging is a big deal to me I like products that will conveniently sit in a handbag and that are convenient for all sorts of travel. Out of the two the Little Round Pot is quite a bit smaller, it also has a mirror. They both comes with brushes however they are not one I would ever use.

Round 1 To Bourjois


The Little Pot retails for £7.99 and contains 2.5g of product where as the Barry M retails for £4.59 and contains 7g of product. So nearly three times the product and it costs nearly half as much?

Round 2 To Barry M

Colour Pay Off

Now we have to remember here that the Barry M Blusher (blusher - I don't think I've used that word for about five years before buying this product) is darker, but we will see what happens during the swatch test. Looking at the pictures of my hairy arm - sorry guys swatched inappropriately- I feel they both do just as well and the formula is very similar.

Round 3 is a Draw


Both of these products blend really well but my general experience of the two tells me that I need to work at the Barry M a little more than the Bourjois.

Round 4 to Bourjois

Staying Power

Something I really like about the Barry M is that it seems to almost stain the cheeks once it is applied and blended in the morning it will stick at it all day. The Bourjois does last but if I wanted it to stay perfect I would need to reapply during the day.

Round 5 to Barry M

Looking at the results we have a draw! The Barry M is better value for money but the Bourjois is easier to blend and is much more convenient. I'd say just buy both.

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

H x

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