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Five Inspiring Beauties of The Silver Screen

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I am a huge film noir fan, I own quite a large collection and have fallen in love with a number of women from the screen. There is going to be very little text in this post just pictures, so we can drool over their beauty!

Marlene Dietrich

This beauty is a real classic. She looks very different to a lot of other women of the time and even now she has a look that really stands out. She is one of those ladies that may not necessarily have been pretty but she was certainly sexy.

Film Reccomendations: Stage Fright, Blonde Venus

Joan Crawford

This lady has inspired brunettes for the decades and will continue to do so. She has a simplistic, humble beauty that is probably more obtainable for most of her. Her beauty was also timeless - she actually became better looking with age!

Film Reccomendations: Mildred Pierce, Possessed

Carole Lombard

Whenever I think about this actress there are three things that strike me about her, her pretty face, her incredible acting skills and her untimely death. She died in a plane crash at a very young age but not before she managed to get a large number of films (and a couple of marriages) under her belt.

Film Recommendations: My Man Godfrey, Nothing Sacred

Mae West

Now I know this lady is probably not everyone's first choice, but this lady's beauty was in his power and his happiness to be different. She really was the original Man Eater, in fact she was known to have quite the thing for Cary Grant!

Film Recommendations:   She Done Him Wrong, I'm No Angel

Sophia Loren 

I was going to put Marilyn Monroe here and then I thought no we need another Brunette in here and this lady even at the age of 79 is a definite sex symbol. It was said that Cary Grant fell in love with her and begged for them to be married. She would not leave her husband. If you can say no to him you deserve respect.

Film Recommendations: House Boat, Marriage Italian Style

Who do you take inspiration from? Let me know in the comments below.

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