Monday, 14 April 2014

My Blogging Soundtrack Part One

Hi Guys,

So today I will be talking about something a little bit different: music. Generally speaking I am a huge pop punk fan and I get to a couple of gigs a year. So my love for music continues when I am on the internet.I am much more an album person that a single person so I will talk about a few albums I can not leave alone. This may be something I could look to do as musical tastes change and new albums are released just let me know how you feel about it.

All images taken from the individual band's website I do not own. 

Bayside - Cult

Best If: Somebody has really annoyed you at work!
Genre: Emo
Other Recommendations: Shudder

This band come from New York and I have been a fan of them for a number of years. This is their most recent album and has some really good songs on it.This band is also known to be a great support act and has worked with some of the biggest name in pop punk including New Found Glory and Alkaline Trio just to name a couple. My favourite tracks here are Pigsty and Stuttering.
Artist Vs Poet Sake of Love

Best If: You have just started dating someone.
Genre: Pop Punk/ Power Pop
Other Recommendations: Remember This

This is an EP as oppose to a full album and is again another recently released one! This band write some amazing acoustic songs The lyrics are always really memorable and the beats catchy and most of their song are really quite upbeat. On this disc Made for Me (one of the best break up songs I have ever heard) and Sake of Love are my faves. Their music can sometimes be really hard to find but Spotify has almost everything.

The Pretty Reckless Going To Hell and Light Me Up

Best If: You're in the mood for girl power rock style
Genre: Hard Core Rock
Other Recommendations:Kill Me
 Both of these albums are just so good I cannot leave them alone. I have actually seen this band live and was so impressed. In case you don't know Taylor Momsen fronts the bad (the girl who played Jenny Humphreys in Gossip Girl) and she is a real force to be reckoned with. At just 20 she has a voice that would rival someones twice her age that sounds just the same live. My favourite tracks from the most recently released released Going to Hell include the title track and Why'd You Bring a Shotgun to the Party? From Light Me Up, I adore Miss Nothing and My Medicine.

New Politics - A Bad Girl in Harlem

Best If- You have some spare energy these songs will make you want to move!
Genre - Alternative Rock
Other Recommendations - YeahYeahYeah (this single has been on a TV campaign so you will know it).

Now last but not least in this fantastic set of songs that come from the brilliant Danish band. I have seen these guys live and they have so much energy it is unreal. I have been to a number of gigs but I have never seen someone break dance that way. This really is a great set of pop songs and it upsets me that I don't hear these songs everywhere. My fave Tracks: Berlin and Harlem.


  1. I saw the Pretty Reckless and New Politics supporting on the recent Fall Out Boy tour - that breakdancing! :D

    The Oxford Owl

    1. They really were fantastic I saw them in Manchester it was my second Fall Out Boy gig and was even better than the first one.Who else have you seen?