Thursday, 10 April 2014

My Favourite Beauty Blogs: Established

Hi Guys,

Like most of us bloggers I also reads dozens of blog written by other people - I can't leave them alone. So I thought I would give you a round up of my favourites. I will be doing this in two parts. This one will include established bloggers. These are the ladies/gents that have been doing it for years and have a large following. The second will be on newer bloggers who are still building their empire. So let's begin.

Beauty Broadcast

This blog has been going since 2008 and Emily has made a name for herself as being highly knowledgeable. She seems to have the biggest makeup collection I have ever seen and has tried pretty much every product on the market. She really includes her entire life - her Husband Tyler posts on her Youtube Channel.

This picture was taken from the Beauty Broadcast Blog I do not own it.

Miss Budget Beauty
This is a beauty based blogger who knows her stuff. As the title implies most of the poducts mentioned are from the drugstore but there are also plenty of high end items to lust over too. Khila includes some of the cutest pictures of her son Milo and also have a number of Youtube channels if you want to see more.

This picture was taken from The Miss Budget Beauty Blog I do not own it.

 Lily Pebbles

Lily posts on this blog everyday so there is always something for you to read and enjoy. A lot of the products mentioned here are high end but she does feature some drugstore products from time to time. This is definitely my lust after blog - I just wish I could afford this makeup collection. Lily is well informed and has been blogging for a long time so you know you can trust her advice.

This picture was taken from Lily Pebbles' Blog I do not own it.

Which Beauty blogs do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. even i love these blogs! I like Temptalia as well.. :)

    1. I always seem to forget about Temptalia even though they post all the time and they have the hugest makeup range ever.

  2. I enjoy reading Essiebutton and Maskcara. I'll have to check out the blogs you mentioned!

    1. I had never heard of Maskcara before but have just sat down and had a read of it. It's good, thank you for the recommendation x