Saturday, 19 April 2014

My Top Three Blushers At The Moment

Hi Guys,

As I have quite rosy cheeks I am obsessed with blushers. It seems weird but they actually make my face seem less red and seem to even me up a bit. I swap and change blushers at the moment, but here are my three current favourites. 

Hervana by Benefit

I decided to treat myself to this after seeing it on the Boots website and was my first product from the range. I have had this a couple of months now and can honestly say it is worth the £23.50 price tag. The colour is beautiful, somehow it manages to create a slight highlight effect and I adore the packaging. It also smells spectacular and after using it in the morning the smells gets up my nose and it keeps me in a good move for the rest of the day. The brush that comes with the product is also useable, which is a huge plus!

Sleek Blush in Pumpkin

I adore this orange! When you look at it in the pan you think no way could that ever work but believe me it does. It may be true that the Sleek blushes are so highly pigmented I have to tap them and them blot them off before I can think of adding them to my cheeks, but when they are this pretty who cares? Also the Blush by Three palettes are just £9.99 and there are so many gorgeous colours. You just need to be a little braver to wear them! These palettes also come with some of the biggest mirrors I have seen with any makeup products - they are great for travelling.

Little Round Pot of Blush by Bourjois

These have been selling well for years and judging by the one I have I can see why. The like the Sleek blushes and very highly pigmented. It does not take a lot on the brush to spread a long way. There is also an awful lot of product here  and I just know this is going to last me forever. I have heard bad things about this blushes, but everyone is different and I haven't suffered the issues that others have. Mine came free after spending so much on the brand in Boots and I'm glad it did I love it. The blush I have is matte but there are a number of shimmer products in the line too.

Have you used any of the blushes, what do you think? What are your favourite blushers? Let me know in the comments below.

H x


  1. I wish we had Sleek over here in the States. That blush looks lovely!

    1. They will deliver over there now and I have heard the rates are quite reasonable. Thanks for stopping by :)