Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Top Three Mascaras!

Hi Guys,

I am a HUGE mascara fan I think they make a huge difference to your eye shape and really sharpen your makeup look in general. I could go without foundation or liner, but without mascara I would just look weird to say the least. I am very much a drugstore makeup girl - as your may have already realised - so all of these are purse friendly.

  1. 17 Falsifeye - I have been buying this product for nearly three years and have always been super impressed. I but this in extreme black and love the way this makes my lashes look and feel great. It gives great length, curl and volume. This does not flake throughout the day and dries pretty quickly. The brush can get a little gunky but this happens with all mascara and a quick wipe with a tissue solves this problem. I bough this for £6.99 and it is only available at Boots.
  2. Max Factor Mega Volume - This is a recent addition to my makeup collection and I have to say I am really impressed. This has a slightly odd shaped brush but this really seems to help with the volume. I use this on top of  lengthening mascara and feel the combination of the two is just fantastic. This colour is a really good black that does not flake. This is not the best for the length but the curl and volume is so worth it. This is the most expensive of these mascaras and sells any where from £8.99 - £10.99.
  3. ELF Lash Extending Mascara - This is only £3.95? WOW! This has the lovely rubberised style brush that I really enjoy. These are great at separating the lashes and always stop clumping, and this style of brush does not hold onto a lot of product eitherThe formula is really black and does not flake. The one issue I have with this is that it dries really quickly, so you best get in there soon with your second coat! 

    What are your top three mascaras? Let me know in the comments below. 
H x

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