Sunday, 27 April 2014

Primark £1 False Nails!

Hi Guys,

False nails are not something that I wear that often but when I do I want them to last and I do not want to spend half of my wages on them.With most of the previous nails I had tried costing around £7.99 for a set I decided to purchase a pair of £1 ones for Primark around a year ago and I have never looked back.

Not only are these nails cheap they also have a massive selection of styles and with their new makeup range P.S love in stores (check out my mascara review here) they have more than ever. The first pair I bought were the most amazing lady bird design and since them I have had polka dot, ombre, neon and musical notes!

These nails are short and come with a great glue that could easily apply two sets and after around 7 days they just start to come away fairly naturally. As with all false nails they do leave your real nails a little weak underneath and as a result I normally wait a few weeks between each set so my poorly nails can heal.

The Picture above shows my current Primark backups, I will be buying some more in the next few days.

Have you tried these nails, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I've never tried their nails! Always worried that because they're so cheap they won't last but maybe I was wrong! xxx

    Aisling |

    1. It's best to keep your old nail polish on under them other the strong glue damages your nails but these are surprisingly good!