Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Random Questions Tag Part One

Hi Guys,

This tag is technically 15 questions but I like to keep my posts quite short so I thought I would just do the first 8 and complete the last 7 in another post. So let's do it.

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What is your Nickname that only your Family calls you?

This is 'Juice'. When I first started dating my boyfriend a few years ago this was included in my email address, he started calling me that then and he has never stopped since!

What's a Weird Habit of Yours?

There isn't one that immediately comes to mind, but I am sure I will notice one later on today.

Do you have any Weird Phobias?

Yes I have two. The first one is Frogs I have been terrified of them for years. It is the noises they make and the way they move... shudder :( The second is hairdressers. I can not stand to be in awkward situations and every hairdresser I have ever been too has made me feel really uncomfortable.

What Song do you Secretly Belt out when you are on your Own?

Anything by the band 'New Politics' they are Danish and I absolutely love there songs. There is nothing shameful about them - I am just a terrible singer!

Biggest Pet Peeves?

My biggest is fussy eaters. I understand everybody has food that they don't like but I have some friends where it is easier to name what they do eat rather than what they do. I mean the type of fussy eaters here that haven't actually tried  any of the food they say they don't like.

What's One of your Nervous Habits?

Tapping my feet. I love to fidget anyway but tapping my feet seems to calm me down a little.

 What Side of the Bed Do You Sleep on?

Whether my boyfriend is at home or not I tend the sleep on both side and my boyfriend just has to slot in around me!

What was your First Stuffed Animal and its Name?

My first teddy was a threadbare bear called scruffy. He had been my mother's before mine and he is still with me sat on top of the book shelf in the study.

Keep a watch for the second part of this next Tuesday on my blog and I take you :)

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