Monday, 21 April 2014

Random Questions Tag - Part Two

Hi Guys,

I did the first eight questions to his tag so it may be worth you reading that first, then coming back here to see the last seven. I know you guys love these tags so if you know of any you would like me to do comment below and let me know. Well let's get into it.

What would you order from Starbucks?

I am not much of a coffee lover - but I absolutely adore the smell of it. My order is normally a skinny mocha with just half a shot of coffee and a caramel shot. Needless to say I do not go there too often it is far too complicated.

Beauty rule do you preach not practice?

In all honesty none. Beauty routine is very personal and it is so different for each person.

Which way do you face in the shower?

I start off by facing it then turn around the rinse my hair, so both really.

Any weird body skills?

You may need to ask my boyfriend that one ;) haha no seriously nothing except for rolling my tongue, if that counts?

Favourite 'naughty' comfort food?

I adore Italian food so anything with lots of pasta, lots of garlic and even more cheese.

Phrase you always say?

I don't really have one. I work in complaints in my day job so probably I apologise haha

Time to Sleep what are you wearing?

If my boyfriend is with me: nothing. When he goes away on his business trips though I wear full pyjamas.

I tag you to complete this and leave me any links the comments below.

H x

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