Monday, 14 April 2014

Review: Sleek Ultra Mattes Dark

Hi Guys,

I recently reviewed the Sleek Storm Palette here and after my luck with that palette I decided to pick up this one. Now if you have read that review you may be surprised to find I have picked a fully matte palette as I was disappointed with them last time. I wanted to give them another chance to get them right and they have!

There are two versions of this palette darks and brights and as I use mattes for my crease I felt this one was much more appropriate for me and some of the colours are fantastic.

The shades included in this palette are:

  • Orbit - a fun bluey, green shade that is a real pop of colour. This would create a great bright spring eye. 
  • Thunder - this is a mid tone grey and one of my favourites in the palette. It is just so wearable. 
  • Ink - a fantastic navy blue and as navy is the one of the shades that I use the most and this fits perfectly into my makeup routine. 
  • Maple - this is an orange/pink shade and is not something that I will be wearing too often. This would look good for a really neutral eye. 
  • Highness - This is actually quite bright - maybe it should be in the other palette! This is a fantastic purple that I love to use as a my accent colour. 
  • Flesh - As the name suggests a nude colour with a yellow undertone. This is perfect as a base colour. 
  • Noir - a very dark grey, infact an almost black that blends out beautifully to create a work friendly smoky eye. 
  • Paper Bag - The type of brown that we can ALL get along with. This could even be used as a brow shade. 
  • Dune - again like the name suggests this is a sand colour and is definitely something that is perfect for the base or even a one shadow look (not that I do too many of those). 
  • Villain - This is a very pretty plum. I just love to blend this on the crease and I get so many compliments on this. 
  • Pillow Talk - this is such a brilliant white that has so many uses. This is used both on the base and as a brow bone highlight. 
  • Fern - this is such a grass shade and I am not sure how easy this is to wear. It does seem quite blendable though so maybe I could work it..
I have to say I adore this palette and I do not regret the £7.99 price tag, in fact I would pay double for it. They are really nicely pigmented, so soft and honestly cannot believe these are drugstore!


  1. haven't seen this one yet, is it bad I brought a bunch of palettes recently? only used the au natural one.

    1. You can never too many palettes! Nothing wrong at all :)

  2. I love the colors in this palette. I have been reaching for my matte shadows more frequently. And you can't beat the price!
    btw, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. :)

    1. Thank you ;) I've followed you on twitter and I'll put my post up on Friday! X