Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sleek Wishlist!

Hi Guys,

I bought my first Sleek Item about six months ago since then my collection has grown considerably. There are still so many things I have yet to try though so here is my wishlist, enjoy!

Sleek Blush By Three in Pinky Sprint

I already have this in a number of shades, but I can never find this one! The blushes are pigmented and have to be used so sparingly they actually last a very long time. This particular selection of beautiful pinks and purples would keep me going forever. This will form part of an online order I think as Boots and Superdrug are being useless.

 Eye Drama Mascara in Purple Haze

I have yet to find a colour mascara that I want to own - until now. The Sleek mascaras are none to create great length and this would look great on my bottom lashes and would really emphasise my green eyes. This really is the perfect edition to any makeup hoarders collection.

Sleek Flick It Pen 

I can not leave these felt tip style liners alone and this is another one I really want to try. This is meant to make a 'velveteen' cat flick and I think this would look amazing. When I have been checking it out in the makeup aisles at Boots this really does seem fantastic. This has a perfect thin nib too.

Sleek I-Divine Palette Original

I would also like to try the Garden of Eden Palette too. I also have a couple of these palettes already and even though I am just getting the hang of the matte shadows the shimmers are fantastic and so easy to blend, why should I have more colours?

I know I really don't need  any of this but what does that matter? What products from this Great British Brand would you like to try?

H xxx


  1. Following all the Hype around the Urban Decay Electric Palette I'd be quite interested to see how the Sleek Ultramatte Palette compares given the big price difference xx

    1. The colours in the dark mattes are fantastic and as long as the ultra matte brights are a good as those... But I do love a bit of Urban Decay.