Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Naked Palette.. My Favourite Shadows

Hi Guys,

I was considering writing a full review for this product but then I realised there was very little point. We all know how  pigmented and buttery soft these shadows are. Instead I thought I would talk about my favourites from the palette and how I use them instead.

  1. Sin - This is by far my favourite shadow from the collection. I love this shimmery pink shade as a base and it looks great just used alone. It blends very easily and also makes an excellent inner corner highlight. This is a shimmer shadow, but there isn't a tonne of glitter here so it remains wearable.
  2. Buck - This is possibly the most practical shade from the palette and I tend to go between this and the Natural Collection's Crushed Walnut (she my review of these shadows here) for my brows. Buck lasts all say and does not need to be set with a wax or a gel, which is a huge bonus. This also looks great in the crease. This is one of the few mattes in the palette.
  3. Half Baked - Similar to Sin this is another shadow that I love to use as a base, but this is definitely my 'night out' shade. This product is a true gold that sit beautiful on the lids and creates almost a 24 carat gold look. This shade is fantastic and I have used a huge chunk of this shade. This is something bewteen a shimmer and a metallic finish.
  4. Toasted - I have only recently discovered this shade I think before I just thought it was a standard brown but after using it a few times I can see it has some beautiful tones. This works very well as an accent shade and the more I use this the more impressed I am.  This is another shimmer shadow. 

What are your favourite shadows from The Naked Palettes? Let me know in the comments below.

H x

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