Tuesday, 15 April 2014

This Or That Tag: Nails and Body

Hi Guys,

Last week I complete the This or That Tag: Beauty which you can find here. Now here's for the second part: nails and beauty. Let's begin.

Image Credits: All taken from either the Barry M Website or The Body Shop

Neon,Pastels or Glitter Nails?

Neon with an accent glitter nail.

Long or Short?

I much prefer short nails, not only it is so much easier to do pretty much anything with them - they are also much easier to look after.

Acrylic or Natural?

Generally speaking I like to keep mine natural, but if I feel an occasion calls for it I really don't mind the false ones. After all it saves time on nail art.

Matte or Shiny?

I have tried a number of the matte polishes and hated the finish so much that everytime I added a glossy top coat. It is more the feel of them than how look- infact I love how matte nails look - I just shuddered every time I touched it.

Go for a Manicure or DIY?

DIY. Manicures are far too expensive.

Perfume or Body Splash?

Perfume, namely anything from the body shop.

Lotion or Body Butter?

Lotion, I find body butter too thick it just clogs me up!

Body Wash or Soap?

Body Wash

Fruity or Floral Scents?

I am going to go totally out of the box here and say sweet. I like anything that smells of boiled sweets or vanilla. Nearly all of my perfumes have a vanilla undertone - I just can't get enough of that smell. I also adore cinnamon.

Natural or Synthetic?

I am not sure quite what they are referring to here but in an ideal world everything would as natural as possible. I do appreciate though that almost everything I buy is fairly low in price and I'm not expecting miracles.

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