Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist Mememe

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to another Wednesday when I do nothing but drool over even more makeup that I do not need! Mememe is a brand that I have heard very little about. I have read a small handful of reviews and I think, once a couple of years ago I may have seen them in Boots. I do not own a single thing from the brand but I do check their website fairly often the decide I will buy from them the next payday. Somehow it never happens. A lot of products on the website are currently discounted but there normal prices are similar to Max Factor products (if you don't buy Max Factor this is basically the more expensive end of the drugstore).

Here is my Wishlist and remember I have also shared my wishlist for a number of other brands and those can be found here.

So let us begin.

Arch Angel

A lot of their products have slightly 'different' names but you can probably guess this is a brow product. I know that brows really are not that exciting but I have quite a small selection of brow products at the moment and would really like to extend the range of what I am using. This is one of their top sellers and it would be so much fun to give it a go.

Fat Cat Mascara

I think the name is what really drew me to this, like the arch angel it is a top seller and it looks amazing. As the name implies this is meant to give fantastic volume, but still clump free. I also loce the look of the packaging - it just looks so unique! This is also just £3.99 at the moment, may be I need to get in there and buy this quick.

The Little Angels Collection

The 'little angels' are all tints and from what I have read (there are a few reviews on these if you look hard enough) they are great dupes for the benefit ones. In this there are two shades you could use for lips or blush: a true pink and a red and two highlights one is cool toned the other warm toned. This whole kit is just £10 so this is a huge saving compared with the benefit ones!

Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Morello Silk

I really wanted to talk about their liquid foundation here but looking at the colour range they appear to just have two shades and I cannot take a chance on that. Inside I have picked the gorgeous dark purple lip that will look fantastic for nights out. These sound really moisturizer and even though the shade range of these lipsticks is small they have some great colours. These are discounted again and are selling for £6.50.

 Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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