Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist: River Island The Handbag Collection

Hi Guys,

I must admit that I started my research for the wishlist wanting to show bags from a number of different places. When I looked onto the River Island site first though, I just knew that I could write full post just from there. They have so many pretty things!

Mini Light Pink Structured Bag £30

This was the first bag that I noticed when I looked at the website. The colour is fantastic and even though this is not the most practical, I could certainly handle that. This also looks like it has bags of room so it would fit everything I need.

Light Blue Structured Bag £45

This bag is beautiful and would be fantastic for work. This blue would go with so many outfits and would be a great alternative to the standard black tote. This would get dirty quite easily but if you are careful this could also look great with those summer dresses!

Laser Cut Structured Bag £70

This bag is the perfect monochrome creation and is noticed by all friends and colleagues a like. This bag appears to have so much space in it that I could keep my entire makeup collection and still have room. This is the type of bag that could easily be taken to the work place or accompany me on a dinner date. It is just a shame is a little more expensive than the other ones I have noted I don't know if I could justify the price tag!
White Gem Encrusted Mini Flap Over Bag £30

I feel like I have really saved the best until last. If we are being totally honest this bag is in now way practical. Not only is it white so would get into a horrible mess far too easily you just know something would happen to those gems... But for the first couple of uses this would really turn heads and I think that is all that matters.

What bags have you been liking recently? Let me know in the comments below.