Thursday, 1 May 2014

Blogging Soundtrack Part Two

Hi Guys,

So a few weeks have gone by since I posted my last playlist and as my favourite albums change all the time I thought I would update you. Last time there were so many brand new albums, where as today is a little more of a mix. You will find my previous and any future blogging playlists here.

Note: I have Spotify Premium I would never download music illegally. Most of the bands I like aren't too well know and I think it would be immoral to not pay for it at all.

New Found Glory - Hits

Genre: Pop Punk
Listen To If: You want to feel 16 again!
Top Songs: My Friends Over You,  Failure's Not Flattering
Top Lyric: 'A sure shot hit with your name attached to it, while you keep me in mind'
Other Recommendation: Radiosurgery, New Found Glory

I am going to see this band in November and could not be happier about it! As I know they will be playing the singles I have been listening to this album in preparation, even though I know most of the songs word for word. Hold My Hand was a new discovery for me and I am so glad I have found it. My next buy for this band needs to be one of their vinyl records, nothing sound better than the slight crackle of an EP.

Alkaline Trio - My Shame is True

Genre: Punk Rock 
Listen To: If you are looking for something you can really sing to.
Top Songs: Last Dance,  I Wanna Be A Warhol
Top Lyric: 'For acting like a schoolboy trapped in a man'
Other Recommendations: Agony and Irony

This album is a couple of months old now but I have listened to it consistently since it was released. I must admit this is my first time with Alkaline Trio and I enjoyed losing my virginity! My boyfriend has listened to them for years and says he doesn't like how the sound has changed. As I have only listened to bits of the old stuff I couldn't comment yet, but She Lied To The FBI is a fantastic start to this album and after that I was hooked.

 Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is..,

Genre: Emo Rock/ Pop Punk
Listen To: If You Happily Acknowledge the Emo Revival
Top Songs: Flicker, Flicker, Fade/ Better Homes and Gardens
Top Lyric:'The house that we bought and failed to make'
Other Recommendations: Anything By My Chemical Romance

I had listened to a few bits and bobs by Taking Back Sunday before, but apart from my love affair with MakeDamnSure I have never really liked their music. I discovered this album whilst trying to buy The Used's latest album - at the time of writing this is not on Spotify and discovered they were gigging together. I gave this album a listen to and fell in love, I may now go back and listen to more of their catalogue.

Artist Vs Poet - Keep Your Secrets

Genre: Power Pop
Listen To: When you know you were right
Top Songs: Love To Hate Me, Crazy About You
Top Lyric:'And I'm sorry, I thought you were DTF, But GTFO now, like right now.'
Recommendation: Sake of Love

I know I mentioned Sake of Love in my last post, but I nearly always have something by these guys on the go. Their power pop is like the ying to the punk's yang. The lyrics are zappy and there are also a great collection of love songs that could possibly end up in the 'our song' category. It still stuns me that they are not more popular.

What's your blogging soundtrack? Let me know in the comments below.


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