Sunday, 4 May 2014

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Review

Hi Guys,

Over the last few months I have slowly fallen further and further in love with Maybelline, their eye shadow quads are excellent (you can find the review here) and I now own a number of the lipsticks and adore most of them. I then decided to waiver from my usual brand choice of Rimmel and try one of theirs. As the Superstay Better Skin had just been released and there was a couple of pounds off I bought it from  my local ASDA and bought the shade Ivory.

I am that shade in every foundation that I try and I have never had an issued with shades being too light or dark. This foundation looked quite dark in the bottle but they often do and I thought it would be ok it was far too dark. This upsets, mainly because it is a great foundation and now I can't use it.

It is quite thick but very easy to blend it covers all discoloration and really did improve my skin leaving it more 'glowy' after just a few days. At the moment I  am trying to wear it very sparingly and hoping I will get some sort of tan this summer so I can start wearing it.

If you have pale skin beware of the colour range, but this does do what it says, it creates better skin. So more colours please Maybelline!

Looking at the swatch picture the top swatch is the Maybelline better skin in Ivory and the other swatches are from a number of Rimmel Foundations under the same name.

Have you tried this product, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Nice Helen....... Hope this works for you with a tan 'cuz you love it so much....Maybe you should try another shade lighter because often a shade under the same name from two companies may vary.....But it seems that Superstay has ivory as the lightest.... Cameo looked lighter but I really can't tell without trying....

    1. I need to see what happens in the next few weeks if I tan up a bit I may be able to use it!