Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Top Three Lipbalms of the Moment

Hi Guys,

Lip balms are essential, but so many are a little bit rubbish. I have decided I will be writing a post on let down balms but first let's be positives. So let's get into my top three as always you can find my other top threes here.

Carmex Original

What a classic. This balm is my go to, it soothes my lips and I have an almost 'medicated' feel to them a couple of minutes after application (if you have used it you will know what I mean) and I just feel like it is doing some good. One of the down sides is that you have to stick your finger in there to apply, but as it is non greasy it's not a huge problem. This also comes in at under £3 so is a great deal.

DHC Lip Cream

A friend bought this for me and I have just finished it. I am now ordering another one it is so perfect. This is great for really chapped days and it comes in a bullet you don't get any mess on your fingers. The tube is really compact and easy to pop in a bag - it doesn't damage either. This costs £6, which I appreciate may be quite a lot but it is honestly worth it. Once applied the moisture lasts most of the day.

Elf Balm Lip Tint in Berry

If you would like to see this lip balm battling with it's more expensive counterpart look here. This little balm is a great product. This comes in a little tub again, but like the carmex is none greasy. This product provides great moisture and the colour provided is also beautiful. There are a number of great tinted balms on the market at the moment and at just £1.75 this is one of the best.

 What are your favourite lip balms? Let me know in the comments below.


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