Sunday, 4 May 2014

PS Love... Primark Face Brushes Review

Hi Guys,

I have reviewed a couple of the pieces from the Primark Makeup Range already and you can find my mascara review here. When I bought the mascara I also purchased a foundation brush - to use as a blush brush - after I had been really disappointed by an ELF Brush - and Primark nailed it!

After that  I went to buy a Kabuki brush here are my feelings on the two.

The Foundation Brush

This is a flat top brush with a black plastic handle and I would actually class this as a stippling brush. I like to use it for my blush. This is so soft and I enjoy it most with cream to powder products, it blend really well and after around 20 uses it has not lost a single hair. In the past I have found the metal part of other brushes coming away from the wood nothing like that has happened here. I also love the black and pink bristles!

This brush is actually perfect for my blush: 10/10

The Kabuki Brush

This is my first Kabuki and at just £3.50 I was so excited to try it. The handle is mirrored metal and it sits on a small plastic base. Like the other brush this looks so much more expensive than it is and I have experienced zero fall out. This brush is so soft and applies my powder perfectly. I really couldn't ask for much more. The black and pink also looks fantastic sat on top of my vanity.

This brush is again fantastic : 10/10

These brushes are better than some I have that are nearly ten times the price and I have heard some fantastic things about their eye brushes. This is a brand to really look out for.

Have you tried these brushes? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. I haven't spotted any brushes in local Primark yet.. I'll have to take a better look. These look like they're such good value! x

    1. They are worth trying out :) I don't know about the eyeshadow brushes though.

  2. I have been loving these brushes so much aswell !