Sunday, 10 August 2014

Spending Ban: Six Week Update

Hi Guys,

Admittedly I have been a little quiet on here recently and partly this is due to me being on a spending ban. I have been reading mainly project pan style blogs to keep me inspired and this has kind of made me reject my own.

The Rules:
  1. I can only buy things if I have nothing else to do the job, for instance if I finish all of my foundations I can buy another but not if I still have nine in my collection!
  2. Using solely vouchers or reward points to buy makeup and freebies in magazines (aslong as I am buying the magazine to actually read) is allowed.
  1. To go two months without buying any makeup or health and beauty products. 
  2. Use 20 products across health and beauty. 
I have so far stuck to all of the rules and used up a total of 55 products!

I will do a full post on them all at the end of the two months.  I am not going to lie this has not been easy but I have also quite enjoyed getting through things My makeup collection has reduced as I've been giving loads away too.

I would recommend it!

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts below!



  1. Hi lovely (sorry if this posts twice blogger was having a tizz) well done on this! I did a no spend January which was really good and something I'd try again! You should check out my friend Louise's £50 beauty challnge: x

    1. I've read this now and I am obsessed with Louise's blog! x

  2. Hiya! You know this seems like such a good idea I might have to try it out! And by the way I absolutely adore your url haha, best one I've seen so far! x

    1. haha thank you! And yeah it has made me really appreciate my collection :) x