Sunday, 12 October 2014

Nanshy Brush Review

Hi Guys,

I am one of those people who always says things such as: 'I have like three brushes, what can I blend with?'

As a result of this I finally decided to buy the Nanshy brush set for eyes at £29.95 from Amazon. I had seen some really great reviews of their brushes and could not wait to crack them open. I have now been using these for a number of days, I cannot believe how good they are.

Here are the brushes that come with the set:

  1. Angled Definer- this is so small and fine, it's just right for under the eye. This works with both gel liner and eyeshadow perfectly.
  2. Blending Eyeshadow - this is possibly my favourite brush ever! The bristles are so soft and it is fantastic for diffusing the eyeshadow, right up to the crease. 
  3. Large Shader - I have recently been doing my crease work first and then my lid work after. This creates the perfect halo eye, this brush is just right for adding that touch of shimmer or packing other colours. 
  4. Precise Bent Eyeliner - I am yet to use this, as it scares me a little but once I've tried it I'll let you know!
  5. Tapered Crease- I would call this a pencil brush, it is just right for work on the outer V and adds an amazing amount of depth. 
  6. Flat Definer- another triumpth! I love how this creates the perfect smoky line above my upper lashes. 
  7. Eye Crease- Another brush fantastic for blending and adding colour to the crease. 
These seven brushes have improved my makeup no end, and with the beautiful white handles just look amazing. I have now put the face kit on my Christmas Wishlist!

Have you tried any of their brushes? Let me know in the comments below!