Thursday, 30 April 2015

Some New Neckalces!

Hi Guys,

I am a lover of costume jewelery and as a result I have recently found myself buying more and more. I feel like I have plenty of earrings, I am not a massive lover of bracelets so what I really need is more statement Necklaces. So a couple of days ago I went shopping and sniffed out some bargains. First of all I went to Primark. Past experience has taught me that anything silver or gold plated items from there discolour very easily, so I tend to avoid them and look for more styles with beads.

This little faux pearl necklace could work for work and also with more fun outfits. This cost just £4.00.

The next three I bought from Boots. This first little blue one is a little bit more subtle, meaning it will fit and will not be too in your face. I really wanted coloured ones so I could really add something to plain outfits. This was originally £10, it says £5 on the label but it cost just £3.75 on the till. I love it when that happens.

This next one should have been £12.50 and was just £5 on the label, but £3.75 at the till, so I thought it was a great deal. This is a darker blue, a very pretty flower design and will definitely make a statement. This one also comes with a pair of earrings bonus!

This next necklace is one that I have been looking for for months. I have wated a necklace that will really make a statement, is modern and is multi coloured. I love the fact that this is pastel making it perfect for spring. This was again just £5.00.

Have you bought any necklaces lately?

Helen xxxx

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