Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The £5.00 D-F Bra...

Hi Guys,

So for a long time I have been looking for a cheap bra. Most of the items in my wardrobe cost less than £20.00 an item and virtually nothing was more than that. So if you read this blog you know that when I say cheap I mean cheap.

When I came across this range of bras for £5.00 I could not wait to try them. They do not have a huge number of colours I counted five and as one was bright pink and the other bright purple that leaves three for me! I currently own one is ivory and one in powder blue. I am not going to show you pictures of me in the bra as although my confidence has grown, I am not that confident just yet. This is also my first bra review so if I miss anything let me know and I can add it later.

These bras are fantastically made they are very comfortable and have two hooks at the back. This is fine for me but some people may not be so keen. I love the way my boobs sit in this. They look great under a t-shirt (they do call this their t-shirt bra after all) but they also provide a nice amount of cleavge.

The straps are also easy to adjust and they wash very well. In short I adore these bras. I do agree that more sizes should be added to the range but as a 38DD they are perfect for me.

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