Sunday, 3 May 2015

How Much is my Face Worth (Drugstore)?

Hi Guys,

I have seen this featured a few times on Youtube and decided to have a go of this myself. I have used mainly drug store products on my face today and wanted to see just how cheap, cheap makeup was. My glasses are included in this for those who may be included.

So here is my face:


I always use a moistursing primer and today I used one by Nivea: £8.00
My Foundation is the Lumi from L'Oreal in Rose Ivory : £10.99

Total: £18.99


Brow Gel by Inglot in 572: £4.50
Brow Powder by Inglot 563 : £4.50

Total: £9.00

NB: these prices have both gone up to £5.00 but I bought them before they went up.


Primer by Elf: £1.50
Shadow by Inglot in 494: £4.50
Shadow by Inglot in 395: £4.50
Shadow by Inglot in 498: £4.50
Eau La Liner by Sleek in Raisin: £4.99
Mascara Volume Une by Bourjois: £7.99

Total: £27.98


Radiant Lighting Palette by Makeup Revolution: £8.00
Blush Rose by NYX: £6.00
Rice Powder by Bourjois: £8.99

Total: £22.99


Eva's Nude by L'Oreal: £6.99

Total: £6.99

Total: £85.95

Today I am not wearing cream highlighter, bronzer or anything high end so I am very surpised by this result. I thought it would be less. To put this into perspective my entire outfit including shoes and underwear today cost £24.00. I could get my outfit four times over for just £10.00 more. Ido think though that if I just used these items I could probably get 6o faces worth so the costs does severly reduce per wear.

I would love to see how much your face is worth, let me know in the comments below!

Helen xxx


  1. I'm always a bit scared to do posts like this! Even though I only use drugstore products I tend to use quite a lot, especially base products which I need to layer to cover skin redness. Amazing how much it all adds up to, huh? x

    Alice Red | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I know it is actually a concern when I think that is maybe 5% of my makeup collection!