Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Inglot Wishlist!

Hi Guys,

I adore Inglot however I have only tried items from their freedom system and I want to try so much more from  them. Here is a list of what I'm after. All pictures taken from the Inglot website.

AMC Pure Pigment Shadow

After trying their normal pressed shadows I can only imagine that these would be even better. I would quite happily have every colour but there is a beautiful gold (number 24) and I think it would look gorgeous all over the lid.

AMC Eyeliner Gel

I am not normally a massive fan of gel eyeliner but I have read a lot of the ones from Inglot and I understand that they also work very well as cream eyeshadows/eyeshadow bases. I think this yellow is really unqiue and would be a fab edition to my collection.

Perfect Length and Define Mascara

I am currently at a point in my makeup life where I seem to not have a decent mascara in my collection. Due to just buying a car I imagine that I will be buying my fave collection one to save money, however when I do have some pennies (maybe when I go to London in June?) I will get this one the brush just looks so unique.

Inglot Cream Concealer

For  a while here I did think about including a foundation, but as I currently own 12 I really do not need anymore. I do however need a concealer. I have two for under my eyes but none for blemishes. This is in a little tube and would be fab for covering monsters!

What are you lusting after?

Helen xx

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