Sunday, 31 May 2015

L'Oreal Colour Infallible: My Three Fave Lid Colours

Hi Guys,

I adore these shadows as a pressed pigment they have great colour pay off, fantastic staying power and I love the packaging. These are not easy to find in the drugstore at the moment, however these can be found easily on Amazon, Ebay and also in Discount Stores.

I realised recently there are three colours that I go back to again and again as my  Lid colour. One of these is great for a neutral eye, one just right for a cool eye and the other looks stunning with a warmer crease. They all have a slight shimmer to them as I love my mid to Shine!

Sassy Marshmallow

This is really a subtle silver, this can be brushed on to create a pretty neutral affect or placed on with the finger for full on glamour. This has small flecks of blue and pink in her and as a result it can look ever so blue in certain lights, however this is very subtle.

Tender Caramel 

I bought this as I could not find Amber Rush anywhere and I had heard that this was quite similar. I can't really say whether it is or isn't but I adore it. Caramel is really the best way to describe it is a very light rich golden brown that is almost matallic. This is fab for neutral work eye.

Bronze Divine

The name describes it perfectly. This colour is stunning and I love to wear it with warm browns and greens in the crease. This is very pigmented and creates a great shine on and the lid. This was one of my first eyeshadows from this range and I love it.

Have you tried these shadows? Which ones were your favourites?



  1. Great post! They all are beautiful colours, and I love the colour pigmentation. Totally worth the money!

    1. I agree particularly now that they have been discontinued in this country, they can be bought from Amazon for 99p!

  2. I've tried a few of these eye shadows and I really like a shade called pebble grey which is a matte grey color. The one in bronze divine that you have is one I've had my eye on for ages but I haven't been able to find it in any of the shops near me but there are a few on Ebay that I might buy!

    Lovely post :)

    Miss Beauty Saver

    1. The bronze divine is one of my favourites and works great as a one shadow eye colour. Love your videos by the way x