Monday, 25 May 2015

My Favourite Handbag Lipsticks! Collab with Alice Red

Hi Guys,

So the other day I left the house without lipstick, however due the huge number of lipsticks that hang around in my handbag I had plenty of choice. After chatting Alice about it we decided to do a collab and both write about our favourite handbag lipsticks.

Now I am very much a matte, lipstick type person and she is quite different so it will be fab to see what Alice picks.

So here are my top three.

Bourjois -The Velvet Edition Rouge in Nudist

I am not sure if you can tell by the pictures but this is possibly my favourite lipstick of all time. It is a beautiful dark pink nude and it is so easy to wear. It is a matte liquid lipstick (love of my life) and this is one of my favourite formulas. I throw this on with what ever the outfit and it just goes. The applicator is short and small so it can be quite difficult to make a mistake.

Maybelline - Super Stay 24 Bold Matte (Any Shade)

I have four of these and every single one is very well used. I often have Peach Cocktail is my bag but most of the time I just have all four. These pack an amazing colour punch are fantastic to apply and even come with a balm. This is fab for when I forget my carmex! I have been using these lipsticks for years and for me, these are really the original liquid lipstick.

MAC - Creme Cup

This is not the first time that I have mentioned this lipstick on the blog and it is with good reason. This light pink nude is in the Creme Sheen formula and is not only stunning on but is so comfortable. I often carry the ELF lip liner in nude pink too and they are just the perfect nude lip combination. I cannot praise this lipstick and as always nudes go with everything!

So remember to check out Alice's post and let me know your favourite handbag lipsticks!



  1. Loving your post! It's interesting, you're definitely more of a matte liquid lip lover whereas I've gone for sheer formulas that you can chuck on without a mirror. Really like the look of that Bourjois one, the shade is just perfect, I might have to go and grab it...

    Alice Red - Beauty/Lifestyle/Photography Blog

  2. I do love bhow different out choices are, I have been looking at some of the Revlon lacquer balms too!