Friday, 8 May 2015

Sleek Eau La Liner Review

Hi Guys,

So you will have seen these two liners in my recent beauty haul and after using them I have to say I am obsessed. When I was younger (up untilabout 2 and half years ago when I found Youtube) I used to wear retractable kohl liner on my top lash line all the time. When I started to get into makeup properly I started to use felt tip liner, I briefly enjoyed the company of gel liner then about 6 months ago I discovered liquid liner and stuck to it.

I hated pencil liner. Then I realised that Kiko had some good ones, and then I found these. I bought them as lip liners and then realised they could be used for eyes and lips.

Raisin - a rich dark purple - is too dark on the lips for this time of year but it is fantastic on the eyes. It is almost like a gel it stays all day, looks amazing and does not smudge or transfer I love it. I do not wear liner in my lashline as it takes nothing for me to get an eye infection. This is just fantastic.

Pumpkin - a bright mid tone orange - I just on my lips. I wear this on it's own and I love it. It lasts a number of hours can sustain a meal (as long as it isn't too greasy) and wears down easily. The waxy gel like texture is not overly drying either and does not cling to dark patches.

I love these liners and I am already planning on purchasing others from the range! At £4.99 these are a real bargain!

Helen xxx

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