Saturday, 2 May 2015

Three Ways To: Skater Dress

Hi Guys,

So as you can probably be tell I have been playing on Polyvore again! This is genuinely one of my favourite sites and I am loving joining more groups and getting more views and likes on my sets (I even have a couple of followers!). So after the success of my three ways to wear a kimono I have now shown you three ways to wear a skater dress. As I know that we can get these products in the UK and that they do a number of sizes, all products are from New Look again.

Casual Work

I love the way the blazer sits here on this dress and it would create a really cool, comfortable outfit. Tights and heels could be added to make this more formal office friendly, or a cozy cardigan would be perfect in the winter.

Glitter dress
Black slim jacket
New Look jeweled flat shoes
New Look black tote bag
Moisturizing lipstick
Metallic nail polish

 Fancy Picnic

I saw this dress and just thought it would be fantastic for a picnic. The colour is beautiful and the style just lends it to warm sunny days. With some sandals and bare legs this is just perfect and it could also be dressed up differently for the evening too!

Blue dress
Leather sandals
Satchel bag
Blue earrings
Baby blue eyeshadow

 Casual BBQ

My partner is from a family that is barbecue mad, they have atleast 10-15 every summer. This year we have a proper garden for the first time and we will be going down the same road. This outfit is smart enough but still casual so you can feel pretty whilst being relaxed.

Cameo Rose black summer dress
Black kimono robe
Lace up shoes
Mini crossbody
Yellow gold earrings
Creme eyeshadow
Black eye makeup

 Helen xxxx

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