Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Benefits of Collabing!

Hi Guys,

If you have been reading my blog recently you would have seen a couple of Collabs going on. I have found these to be really fun experiences and I know that others have. Often people see them as a way to increase traffic, but for me there are other benefits that means so much more.

  • Building Friendships - It has got to the point where I really enjoy tweeting these ladies and seeing them in my notifications. I recently did a collab with four girls and through them I have been connecting to many others. This is great for hints and tips too. 
  • Finding New Ideas - Posts you may never have thought of can come from other people and this is a great way of finding them. Alice's suggestions to do our three handbag lip product options was so much fun. 
  • Finding New Blogs - I read Eleanor's blog everyday now and I know she also reads mine. 
  • Keeping you Going - As somebody who has definitely had blogging down time, I know how difficult it can be to keep writing. If you have agreed to do a post with someone you feel obliged to do it and it keeps you working. 

These are just my foour favourites. Let me know of yours in the comments below. I also up a Collab, so let me know if you have any ideas!



Monday, 29 June 2015

No Buy/ Project 100 Pan!

Hi Guys,

So as you are able to tell from my last few posts I have totally failed my no buy and have been buying far too much, however I am making a point of using up products.

I started out this year wishing to use up 100 health and beauty items. I included Deodrants etc in that as I was so bad at opening half a dozen and having one in every room. I also wanted to use up £500 worth of stuff. Well today we are at the half way point and thanks to my handy Spreadsheet I can tell you that I have used up:

  • 89 Products 
  • £500 worth of stuff

So I have successfully completed one of my goals for the whole year already! I am so proud of myself and cannot wait to continue with this. I think if I keep working on it I might even get to £1000 if I am really good.

I only have 11 products to get to my goal and I have a foundation and an eyebrow gel that I think I will be done by the end of the next fortnight. Exciting Times!

How have you done?

Helen xx

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Four Days One Palette Day Four

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my fourth day of using this palette I am happy to say I am not fed up yet. Today I have done something more colourful, I am really loving playing with different eyeliners and face products with this palette, so many things go!

So today I decided I really wanted to use the gorgeous New Rules again, it is such a fantastic matte purple I can't help myself. After I primed my lids with NYX jumbo pencil in milk - this is fantastic to make colours pop - I blended the purple into the crease. I wanted to leave the crease quite plain (I know strange for me) and so I just added Ambition to the outer half of the lid and blended using Only wet on the rest of the lid. These shadows don't exactly foil when used white, but they definitely become more vibrant.

I then used the Sleek Eau La Liner in Raisin to line my top lash line and then used Ambition again on the lower lash line. I was trying a new mascara today Viper by Makeup Revolution, I am yet to draw my fall conclusions on it but the brush is definitely a strange shape!

I then used my Contour Palette from Fraulein 36 and use one of the lighter shades under my eyes to highlight and one of the darker shades to contour. This is a cream palette and it is really quite good for something that cost me only a few pounds last year. 

 I then set my eyes with my Natural Collection Pressed Powder (love this) and added Rimmel's Good to Glow in Notting Hill Glow on the tops of my cheeks my cupids bow and down the nose. I then set this with the highlighter from this Kiko Contour and Highlighter palette. This highlighter is very glittery so if you don't like shimmer stay away from it, however I love it.

I can see I missed out my foundation I used the Revlon Photoready between the concealer and highlighter steps. 

I then used this amazing blush palette from Sleek -the colours are really amazing- this is the Pumpkin Palette and I used the pink shade squash. These are so pigmented so you need to be careful applying.

I then set my whole face with the Natural Collection pressed powder and added some of the lighter bronzer shade to warm up the face.

See you in the next one!


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Four Days One Palette Day Three

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my third post of this series,in which I am trying to see just how versatile this palette is. So on day one I went blue, day two I went warm and today I have gone grey. I was reading through my comments and a lovely lady mentioned pebble grey by L'Oreal (in the Colour infallible range) and it made me think of this look.

So as always my eyebrows are done with inglot wax and powder. This is the only way I can fill in my brows and I won't be changing it anytime soon.

I used my Dangerous Cuvee Paintpot by MAC to prime the lid. I thought this worked great with the other grey tones. Now onto the palette. As I have used this quite a number of times now, you can really see the wear on these shadows and I am really enjoying this challenge.

Today I used Grey Day on the crease. I love to use greys as transition colours as I am not a massive fan of browns and this would be my perfect shade. I then place Steal-Er on the outer V. It isn't too dark but it adds just the right amount of definition. I then used what is fast becoming my favourite shade Echo on the lid. This can be used wet or dry and is just the right amount of shimmer. I then used Grey Day on the lower lash line.

Next I used a new product and this is the Makeup Gallery Kohl Pencil in Navy. I am going to be honest I was not impressed. I found it kept skipping on my lids as a result it does not look great. We are real life here with Grumpy Woman so I did not have time to change it.

I then went in  with possibly my favourite mascara of all time the W7 eyelust, I will soon be buying a back up. I then used the Natural Collection lengthening mascara to get to the smaller lashes as the W7 one has such a large wand they are difficult to get to!

Then it was time for some face! I used my old faithful Nivea Primer that I have been using for months and is still going strong. I then went in with a product I have used once before my GOSH CC Cream in Ivory. I am really loving this product for everywhere but my fourhead where it sinks into fine lines.

The blush I used is the best £1.00 I have ever spent. This is the Now Blush my Makeup Revolution and is just the right colour for me as a fair person and I just can't stop using it.

For highlight and powder I used my Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette, I swear I will start using something different soon.

For my lips I used Up The Amp by MAC this is so full colour and I love how it looks.

So that is all for today, see you tomorrow!

Helen xx

Friday, 26 June 2015

Four Days One Palette Day Two

Hi Guys,

So today I have done something much softer and much more neutral, no blue eyeliner in sight! So as always I have used my Inglot Brow Wax and Powder and after that I prepped my lid with the Chilled on Ice Paint Pot by MAC.

I wanted something a little warmer so I used New-tral as my transition shade. This peach is absolutely gorgeous and instantly brightened my eyes. After blending this I then added One Way and blended it all together to create this gorgeous purple. I then added Silk on the lid and highlighted the brow bone with only.

I then added New Rules to the lower lashline and my L'Oreal Superliner in Ultra Precision Black on the upper lash line. I used my Natural Collection Lengthening Mascara and the W7 Eyelust on the lashes (love this combo).

For my face I primed with my used Nivea Primer (4 months on still going strong) and I used Kiko's lifting foundation. This foundation is light/medium coverage but can be built up to something heavier. I like it light. I then powdered with my Natural Collection Loose Powder (leaving my cheeks out) and added The Kiko Lips and Cheeks Glow Touch as my blush. I set this with Pink Cloud by Natural Collection.

I then bronzed the face a little with the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer and showered in the Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette. I need to stop using this everyday but I adore it!

I then just popped the Bourjois Aqua Laque in Babe Idole on the lips and we are done.

Helen xx

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Four Days One Palette: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 Day One

Hi Guy,

I have often read 'this palette is so versatile' or 'this palette lets me do so many different looks' but never see it acted upon. I want to see if this palette is really as versatile as I think it is. In case you are new to my blog, I don't wear the same makeup one day after the other and I don't do an awful lot of browns. So often when somebody says how versatile a palette is, I just don't get it. This is the case with the  Naked Palette, the MAC Cool Neutrals and numerous others.

So today with this palette I decided to go cool.I am wearing a grey/blue smokey eye with a silver lid, blue liner and grey on the lower lash line. This is by no means my first time using the palette so I am used to the shadows and really enjoying them. To make the silver stand out so much on the lid I sprayed a flat shader brush with some fix plus and used that apply it to the mobile lid. I used my MAC Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee, this really makes silver and grey shadows pop.

The blue liner is from Kiko and is a favourite of mine (just wish it was more work appropriate) and I used both The Natural Collection Lengthening Mascara (amazing) and Rimmel Xtreme Volume mascara. I left my lashes a little clumpy as a nod to the chaotic lash trend.

On my face I did try the natural collection foundation and it was such a major fail I removed it and went with my L'Oreal True Match and I applied this with the Real Techniques Expert Complexion sponge. I powdered with my Natural Collection Pressed Powder and then applied the Jordana Blush in Terracota. I highlighted with the Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette. My Lip Gloss is Romance by Tarte.

If you want to see more looks keep an eye on my blog :)   Also checked out the sassiness of this pose!

What looks would you do with this palette?

Helen xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The £4.00 Shoe ...

Hi Guys,

I know you have probably been reading my OOTD posts and getting fed up of seeing 'Shoes: Primark £4.00'. The thing is these shoes are amazing.

I am and always have been a very heavy footed person, this means that I go through shoes very quickly. I am not a massive heel person and love little ballet flats and have spend the last eight years trying to find some that last a decent amount of time on me. I have tried ones up the value of £50.00 and as low as £1.00  and I find them to be pretty much the same. This is where Primark comes in.

Every other month I do into Primark and buy a bag of their ballet flats. I buy colours, pattern, sandals all sorts of styles and where them to work, casually and out. Admittedly the results are variable. I have had some pairs that fall apart after three wears, however I have had some that have lasted me months of consistent wear. I would say the average is 15 wears per pair and that is not too different to River Island flats for me that are 7 or 8 times the price.

These shoes over me, a very heavy footed individual some real variety and for they are great quality for the price. I will be continuing to buy!

Here is a picture of me wearing said magical shoes (with a funny face)!

Helen xx

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution Liquid Liner

Hi Guys,

For those that have read the blog recently you know that I have been playing with lots of different pencil liners (and loving it) however I am still a liquid liner girl at heart. A good black liquid liner goes with any eye look and unlike a pencil will not snudge. If I know I am going to have a long day at work, liquid liner all the way.

The first thing I should not about this product is not it was £1.50. Yes you do not get a massive amount of product for the price but my normal liner from L'Oreal costs five times more. The brush is short (exactly how I like it) and this is possibly the easiest liner to make a wing with.

The first time I wore this I had a 17 hour makeup day and it did not even smudge or crumble in the slightest. This is not a matte finish and goes on quite shiny. One point to note is that it takes quite a while to dry, so if you have hooded lids and have an issue with transfer,this one is not for you.

When it does set thought it is stuck, nothing smudges it ( not even getting sweaty and dancing with a number of work colleagues) and it is still really to remove at the end of the night.

This liner is now a holy grail product for me, after being so reluctant to try this brand properly I feel like they can do not wrong!

Helen xx

Monday, 22 June 2015

Natural Collection Shadows Worth Buying

Hi Guys,

I remember when I first started buying makeup Natural Collection was the first brand that I really bought from. They used to do 3 for £5.00 and they had a stand at my local Boots. The first eyeshadows I used were their duos and I was obsessed. This was also back in the days when I didn't know what highlighter was and I only placed eyeshadow on the mobile lid.

A few months ago I saw the singles in Boots and decided to give them a go. I cannot put this nicely but the great majority are absolute rubbish, however some are really good, I will be sharing these today.

So first up is Midnight this is a really dark grey and could even appear as a black if applied heavily enough. This is very pigmented and is easy to blend, great for a smoky eye. This shadow is matter so I am very impressed, as they are notoriously hard to get right. This has blue undertones and I discovered that I own it twice whie writing this post!

The next shade is blue Lagoon. This is more of a satin and is the most beautiful turqiose, it blends fantastically and I love it as a lower crease colour. The pan does fall out though so I have to be careful when the lid is off. This would be great for this Summer's pop of colour trend.

Last but not least in Spring Green and the colour is exactly as it sounds. This is another satin shadow and is a beautiful light green, this is the type of shade I could use again and again and the lid and lower lash line. If only all the shades were this good.

Have you tried this line of shadows? Which ones did you enjoy?

Helen xx

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels Palette

I've included a couple of my looks using it at the end of the post.

Hi Guys,

So I am going to be honest.For the longest time I was very reluctant to buy anything from this brand. I knew that a lot of people have been gifted items from the range and I was concerned that some of the reviews may be slightly biased. I had tried a palette by them last year that was good for bargain makeup in general but not good enough to make me forget about my Inglot Palettes, I have it away to my friend's girlfriend in the end and she quite likes it.

After seeing so many good reviews of this palette from bloggers I trusted I decided to pick it up and I love it. There is only a couple of mattes in here but they are really good and the shimmers are out of this world.

There are 32 shades in here four of which are matte and 28 shimmers. This palette is quite focused on colour so those who are very neutral, this would not be for you.

All of these shadows are very blendable and there is no fall out, even though they are so shimmer heavy in some cases. All shadows are very pigmented.

I really love the choices in here, there is a red, an orange, and a couple of bright purples and some really pretty greens. I have told you guys previously that I do not like to wear the same makeup all the time and I love that this palette gives me options.

There is a slight smell to these shadows (I think it is talc) but I personally do not find this unpleasant.

All in all I adore this palette for just £8.00 this palette surpases my MAC one, I would recommend it to anyone!

The only bad point is how difficult it is to open!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Top Three Highlighters

Hi Guys,

Today I will be talking about my three favourite highlighters. Highlighters are really my be all and end all and any makeup look would fail without them.

Glow by Topshop

I bought this last year and in all fairness I was a bit sceptical but I shouldn't have been. I understand there is also a golden one but I have the pearl one - perfect for my cool skintone. This blends beautifully and it creates a fantastic sheen. I have currently used quite a lot of it and will continue to.

Radiant Touch Creamy Stick by Kiko

I really love this and again it is another cream highlighter.This one is much more pink than the previous one mentioned and again blends beautiful. One of the best things about this is that it does not interfere with the rest of my makeup and it is beautiful. This also lasts all day and the Sheen doesn't stop.

Radiance Palette by Makeup Revolution

I have reviewed this before and this is one of my favourite palettes ever. It is great to blend and is perfect for the glow from within. This is also great at disfusing pores and looks fantastic. As there are three colours it is also great for using on different skin tones.

What are your favourite highlighters let me know.


Friday, 19 June 2015

£25 Face Challenge Collab Post

Hi Guys,

Today I bring you a really exciting collab post with my twitter ladies! These are the women who I chat to quite regularly and have amazing spaces on the internet so today Eleanor, Lisa, Alice, Amie and I are doing the £25/€ makeup challenge.

This went round Youtube a couple of years ago and as recently I am being a bit of a bargain makeup junkie I thought this would be really fun to do. I can't wait to see the variety of products we use and what looks the different girls come up with. Lisa in particular loves highend products.

So I had the hardest time with my brows. I am ginger (from a bottle) so finding cheap brow products in a nightmare, but with my normal inglot combo taking up £10 of the budget it was not going to happen. I also decided to enter into the true spirit of the challenge and include brushes in my budget too.

So I start with the brows and I used my Elf Eye Primer £1.50 first, I used this so that the powder had something to grip onto. I used the Iconic Pro Palette by Makeup Revolution £6.99 using the eyeshadow brush provided, I mixed chase and smooth together. I an ideal world the colour would be a little warmer but it is perfectly acceptable and if stuck would use it again. A pro 1989 brush is included in this and I found the flat shader end to be fab for this.

Then I went onto my eyeshadow and using the eye primer again I blended this into the eyelids. Using the same palette I added Chase into the upper crease using the fluffy end of the 1989 brush. This brush is not the best for blending and I did have to also work with my fingers. I then added Ambition to the lower crease and blended as much as possible. I then added faith to the outer V again using the fluffy side of the brush (loved it for this) and then using my fingers applied Awaken to the lid. On the lower lash line I added One Way to the lower lash line using the flat side of the 1989.

On the top lash line I used my Makeup Revolution Liquid Liner £1.50 and I used W7's Eyelust £2.00 to the lashes. This mascara is fantastic.

For the base I ditched the primer and went straight in with my foundation. I used the Matte Effect by Makeup Revolution in Cool Ivory £2.00. This is a perfect match and offers a light coverage and was easily applied with my fingers. I then took my Primark Flat Top Foundation Brush £1.00 and used it to applied my Natural Collection Pressed Powder £1.99, I then used the same brush to apply my Makeup Revolution Blush in Now! £1.00. This blush is fantastic very pigmented but easy to blend. I then used the brush to add Only from the Iconic Pro 2 as a highlight.

For the lips I added The Lipgloss in Turkish Delight by Natural Collection £1.99. This is the first time I have tried it and I am not very impressed. It did not last a great length of time and felt gritty.

Grand Total Spent:

This look could be better blended and it made me realise just how important my brushes are to me.My boyfriend said 'You normally look like a makeup artist, now you look like a normal person who is quite good with makeup.' I can deal with that for less than 20 quid a whole face!

Helen xx

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mini MAC Haul

Hi Guys,

So first of all yes, I am aware that I have been doing an awful lot of shopping recently and don't worry I will soon be taking a break, but for now here is a small MAC haul.

As you know I am someone who likes a bit of a bargain so I will only occassionally treat myself to something a little more pricey and in this instance I decided I required a pigment. I only have one other pigment in my entire makeup collection and that is one by NYX so I wanted to treat myself to another.

So I picked up Vanilla. I have only used this once so far and that was dry. In all honesty I was so impressed but I like to use my NYX pigment wet so I will reserve judgement until I have given Vanilla the same treatmemt.

The other thing I picked up was the strobe cream. I only wanted the to go size but it wasn't available so I got the full size. I am still trying this so will update then. This is meant to be great for added radiance and you know I am all about that.

What have you been your recent buys?

Let me know in the comments below.

Helen xx

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Natural Collection Loose Powder Review

Hi Guys,

So recently I bought a few things from Natural Collection. I want to do a one brand face for you and as I was nowhere near having enough items for a full face from any brand, I decided to go cheap first! I already had the pressed version of this powder so did not need the loose one but I really wanted to try it.

In the last few months I have got more and more into loose powders and now I don't think I will ever go back to pressed powder permanently.

This powder comes in three shades, neutral transculent, cool transcluent and warm transculent. This one is in cool transculent. First of all I love the sifter on this. It allows plenty of product to come through without causing a mess and it is so easy to use.

The texture of this powder is fantastic. It is so lightweight and sinks into the skin perfectly. I have normal skin and have to set all of my foundations, but I am not into adding extra coverage. I love my foundation lightweight and this allows it to stay that way.

I wish there was something bad to say about this powder but there really isn't. It is very finely milled, does not go on cakey is very easy to use and is sold for such a small price. I find some other Natural Collections can be a bit hit or miss but their powders are amazing.

Have you tried any bargain powders?

Helen xx

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kiko Smart Lipstick Review

Hi Guys,

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year Kiko had 30% off their whole site. I adore Kiko and would have ordered anyway but with 30% off how could I not?

As a result I bought loads and the Smart Lipsticks were down to just £2.50 as a result I bought three shades. I am much more off a matte liquid lipstick person, however when my lips need a little more moisture I am right there with my lipsticks.

These are somewhere between a glossy and a satin formula. The colours I have are:

  •  909 - A red
  • 914 - A berry
  • 918 - A dark pinky nude
So let's get down to the review. In all I am a little bit disappointed in these lipsticks. Don't get me wrong they are very moisturising, do not cling to dry patches and are beautiful colours. They are just nothing special. Now, if this was something I bought from Rimmel I really wouldn't mind but Kiko have always impressed me. 

The packaging of these lipsticks is gorgeous it is matte black and I love the sound it makes when the lid is being closed! They not only look expensive but smell very much like the MAC lipsticks too.

What really lets them down is the staying power. If I put this lipstick on and do not blot with one drink this is gone. I have blotted in the past but it does not make an awful lot of difference (2 or 3 drinks) and it takes away the glossy moisturising affect.

This has not put me off Kiko and I will be buying them in the future but the quality of these makes me so sad.

Have you tried these?What did you think?


Monday, 15 June 2015

Things not to ask a Bisexual

Hi Guys,

Something that you may not know about me is that I am Bisexual. I have been in a relationship with a man for more than  four years but have been involved with both men and women before. I am attracted to both. I do not know if I define myself as fully out.

The great majority of my friends know, my partner does, work do but my family does not. However when people have found out it can be quite embarrassing (for them) and I often get some strange questions.

Here is what you should not ask a bisexual person.

  1. 'So do you fancy me then?' Possibly. But probably not. Being Bisexual does not mean I fancy everyone. 
  2. 'So do you and you boyfriend have threesomes?' No. And if we did it would be none of your business. 
  3. 'How can he fulfill all your sexual needs?' I love him. He knows what he is doing. What is it to do with you? 
  4. 'Is it difficult being in two relationships?' I wouldn't know, I am in one relationship. 
  5. 'Do you make him dress as a woman?' Absolutely not. 
  6. 'How many sexual partners have you had?' Would you ask a straight woman/lesbian that? 
  7. 'Vagina or Penis?' Personality. 
  8. 'So, as you're with a man you are straight now, right?' No. My sexuality does not change when I start seeing someone of the same opposite sex. 
I hope you found this list enlightening. If you like this kind of topic let me know and I will do more.

Helen xx

Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Top Three L'Oreal Products

Hi Guys,

I am really into talking about favourite products at the moment and now I turn to one of my favourite brands L'Oreal. They are a little bit more expensive than other drugstore brands but I feel it is well worth it. So here are my three favourite products.

L'Oreal Infallible Shadows

I currently have nine of these and I want so much more. I have crease shades, brights and some fab shimmers. I can not stop wearing them. They blend beautifully, they have great pigmentation and they wear beautifully during the day. These are pressed pigments and are a neccesity for any makeup collector.

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation

This has become my favourite foundation. It blends really nicely into the skin, sets easily with powder and oxidises in a totally different way. It makes it almost pink and works just right for me. This stays on my face all day and when they say 16 hours they really mean 16 hours, also this is a favourite for quite a number of youtubers too.

L'Oreal Nudes Collection

As time has gone on I have got more and more into nudes and these are some of the best. They retail for just £6.99 and come in a number of different shades. I love all of them but my favourite is probably Eva it is a little darker and I am loving the dark nudes at the moment. These last for a good couple of hours and are really moisturising.

What are your favourite L'Oreal products?

Helen x

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Fotd: Drugstore

Hi Guys,

Something I have never done before is a face of the day. I do not have an everyday look as I am always using different colours and textures and go through different phases with my makeup. Today I am showing you a look that is mostly drugstore (one high end item!).

So first of all I go into my eyebrows I used the inglot eyebrow gel and then set them with Inglot eyebrow powder. These are both such amazing textures and I have been using this powder for month and it is still going strong.

I then primed my eyes with the MAC paintpot in Dangerous Cuvee. I like to use a complimenting base to the look I am going to do. I then  picked up my Eyes Like Angels Palette by Makeup Revolution. I treated  myself to this the other day and after a couple of uses I am loving it, but I want to work with it a little more before doing a full review.

So after I had prepped my lids with the paint pot I went in with Blue Sheen on the crease this created a beautiful colour and actually was very pigmented. This is probably a satin shade but it looks almost matte when really well blended out. I then put Purpled! as my lower crease shade to add a real pop of colour. I then added Silver Dream as my lid shade.

I then went in with my black L'Oreal master precise super liner in black. This is one of my favourite liquid liners and this is a repurchase. I did not complete a wing. I then used Purpled! on mylower lash line.

I then added my W7 mascara and my L'Oreal Illegal Length, I do not wear false lashes and I love the affect that these two give me.

I then primed my skin with my all time love from Nivea. I applied my foundation  the 123 by Bourjois with my fingers and I then powder with the Natural Collection Powder in Cool Transculent. I added my blush by NYX in Bourgeois Pink. NYX blushes are some of my favourites.

Then highlighted with my Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette and swept the first shade all over my face.

I then just added my L'Oreal Nude in Cheryl and we are done!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Face Powder Collection

Hi Guys,

After the success of my Bronzer Collection post I have decided to talk about my face powders. I am not going to go into a huge amount of detail as I want to review all of them. So you will see here that loose powder is really my thing. I find it to be much less cakey than pressed powder, and even thought I have some pressed powder I rarely use it.

Also all of my powders are drugstore and most are further towards the bargain end of the scale, they are just good and there is no need to spend more.

Natural Collection Loose Powder in Cool Transculent

Without going into too much detail as I have not discussed this one yet it is great. This has the tiniest amount of pigment in it but does not cause havoc with the makeup underneath and is finely milled with a great sifter. Amazing value of £1.99.

Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Cool

Do you sense a bit of a theme here? I really love their powders and this is probably my tenth of this particular one. I have been using this since I was 15 and adore it. It is so light and has again just the slightest hint of pigment. It is amazing!

W7 Loose Powder in Nude Beige

I haven't had this one for too long but it certainly packs a punch. This one offers real genuine pigment and is almost like a powder foundation. This would be great for those with oily skin or people who weere looking for a bit more coverage. It is another baragin at £3.00.

Bourjois Rice Powder

There is a reason that I don't have too much of this powder it is amazing. Another loose powder this is a great highlighting face powder and leaves my skin looking lovely and radiant. It is quite cool toned so may not be the best for people with warm skin, but it sets the face perfectly.

Milani Multi Tasking Powder

I am not going to lie I do not know what this could multi task as but it is a nice face powder. As it has a mirror attached this is the one I tend to throw in my bag, which is why it is so well used. I enjoy it though it gives the skin a non cakey matte finish.

What face powders do you own? Let me know in the comments below.

Helen xx