Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bourjois Khol and Contour Review!

Hi Guys,

If you have read this blog for a while you will probably know that Bourjois is one of my favourite brands. I have never bought anything from them that has let me down and this item is no exception.

I have been liquid liner crazy for some months now but I am so slowly going back to pencils. Up until recently it had been about five years since I tried a pencil from the drugstore. As we know teh drugstore just continues to up its game and after such a good time with the Sleek Liners I decided to give Bourjois chance.

Frist of all I have two different colours 73 Gris Ingenieux (Grey) abd 80 Vert Expressit (Khaki) as I do not like eyeliner pencil in black. I feel black eyeliner needs to be really precise and that is just not easy with pencil liner.

I love these pencils. They sharp really nicely and do not break or chip and the lead is just soft enough but not too soft. If you did wish to smudge the pencils (which I don't) you have about 3 seconds to do it and there is no transfer. I would not say they are waterproof but certainly water resistant and although would not last through The Notebook would be fine for those whose eyes water in the wind.

The colours are lovely the green has an ever so slight shimmer that look gorgeous and brings out the green tones of my hazel eyes. The grey could easily be mistaken for a black as it is quite dark, however it looks absolutely stunning with blue shades on the eye and stop anybody thinking it could be as boring as black.

These pencils claim 16 hours of wear and although I have never tried to wear them that long I have worn them for a good 12 hours and they have been perfectly fine.

Just one note is these pencils are not sharpened properly that have the tendency to be quite smudgy so if you like crisp lines like me always kep them well sharpened and you will have no trouble with them at all.

I would definitely recommend these and they can be found at most Boots for around £4.00.

Have your tried these liners?

Helen xx

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