Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Eye Favourites From May

Hi Guys,

I really love reading posts on favourites and watching favourites videos on Youtube. I find them really tedious to write. So today I am keep it short and sweet with just my favourite eye products. This months I have tried loads of new eye bits from loose eyeshadows, to makeup revolution it has been a real mixed bag.

So lets begin.


This has been the month of the paint pot. I lost my Soft Ochre during the move, but I have been using my remaining three to the fullest this month. I have really loved these with Loose Shadows. Three shown here (l-r) are Dangerous Cuvee, Vintage Selection  and Chilled on Ice.

Loose Shadows/Pigments

At the start of May I treated myself to the MAC Vanilla Pigment and that started a mass play of loose shadows and pigments and MAC fix plus. I love how they looked on the Lid and will be continuing to play with them throughout this month. All of them are swatched here using this method (l-r) Vanilla by MAC, Sweet by Elf and NYX Ultra Pearl Pigment (this is so bright).


I have treated myself to two different Makeup Revolution Palettes this months and along with the Sleek Dark Mattes have been very heavily featured this month. The Makeup Revolution Palettes are the Eye Like Angels and the Iconic Pro 2, and are both fantastic.

What are your favourites of the month? Let me know in the comments below.

Helen xx

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