Friday, 12 June 2015

Face Powder Collection

Hi Guys,

After the success of my Bronzer Collection post I have decided to talk about my face powders. I am not going to go into a huge amount of detail as I want to review all of them. So you will see here that loose powder is really my thing. I find it to be much less cakey than pressed powder, and even thought I have some pressed powder I rarely use it.

Also all of my powders are drugstore and most are further towards the bargain end of the scale, they are just good and there is no need to spend more.

Natural Collection Loose Powder in Cool Transculent

Without going into too much detail as I have not discussed this one yet it is great. This has the tiniest amount of pigment in it but does not cause havoc with the makeup underneath and is finely milled with a great sifter. Amazing value of £1.99.

Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Cool

Do you sense a bit of a theme here? I really love their powders and this is probably my tenth of this particular one. I have been using this since I was 15 and adore it. It is so light and has again just the slightest hint of pigment. It is amazing!

W7 Loose Powder in Nude Beige

I haven't had this one for too long but it certainly packs a punch. This one offers real genuine pigment and is almost like a powder foundation. This would be great for those with oily skin or people who weere looking for a bit more coverage. It is another baragin at £3.00.

Bourjois Rice Powder

There is a reason that I don't have too much of this powder it is amazing. Another loose powder this is a great highlighting face powder and leaves my skin looking lovely and radiant. It is quite cool toned so may not be the best for people with warm skin, but it sets the face perfectly.

Milani Multi Tasking Powder

I am not going to lie I do not know what this could multi task as but it is a nice face powder. As it has a mirror attached this is the one I tend to throw in my bag, which is why it is so well used. I enjoy it though it gives the skin a non cakey matte finish.

What face powders do you own? Let me know in the comments below.

Helen xx

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