Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kiko Smart Lipstick Review

Hi Guys,

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year Kiko had 30% off their whole site. I adore Kiko and would have ordered anyway but with 30% off how could I not?

As a result I bought loads and the Smart Lipsticks were down to just £2.50 as a result I bought three shades. I am much more off a matte liquid lipstick person, however when my lips need a little more moisture I am right there with my lipsticks.

These are somewhere between a glossy and a satin formula. The colours I have are:

  •  909 - A red
  • 914 - A berry
  • 918 - A dark pinky nude
So let's get down to the review. In all I am a little bit disappointed in these lipsticks. Don't get me wrong they are very moisturising, do not cling to dry patches and are beautiful colours. They are just nothing special. Now, if this was something I bought from Rimmel I really wouldn't mind but Kiko have always impressed me. 

The packaging of these lipsticks is gorgeous it is matte black and I love the sound it makes when the lid is being closed! They not only look expensive but smell very much like the MAC lipsticks too.

What really lets them down is the staying power. If I put this lipstick on and do not blot with one drink this is gone. I have blotted in the past but it does not make an awful lot of difference (2 or 3 drinks) and it takes away the glossy moisturising affect.

This has not put me off Kiko and I will be buying them in the future but the quality of these makes me so sad.

Have you tried these?What did you think?


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